My side project earned 385$ & 25 customers in the last four months

by Saaj_2. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    3

Hey Guys, I launched a side project in the lockdown as I had some free time (Coz my agency business took a hit) & wanted to use my time wisely. Though the project didn’t earn me much but gave sufficient confidence to work on a future full-fledged project again. I thought of sharing my journey of what worked & what didn’t.

Choosing the project: As my agency business was down, I thought this would be the right time to try something new hence I zeroed down on creating an info product like an ebook. Out of all the skills & experience, I have the most experience on delivering value on Facebook Ads & hence the topic I zeroed down was on Facebook Ads Targeting. I wanted the topic to be niche & done well rather than a general broad topic which doesn’t go in-depth. Also, one more reason to choose a niche topic was publishing faster or else I lose motivation to complete it. I tried writing in but couldn’t so I left that idea & worked on creating webinar video from a PPT. Created a pre-order page so that I work towards a timeline of creating the content & recording a webinar.

Resources: Google Slides for content creation & Zoom for recording. That's it.

Launch: I launched it on the evening of 20th May & put up a tweet. Also, posted on Indie Hackers & slept. The best part was that I got the first purchase overnight from indie hacker & later in the afternoon again got a purchase from Indie hacker.

Channels I tried & worked

  • Indie Hacker - Initial some purchases came from here
  • Reddit: Got some purchases from commenting on Facebook audience related Reddit posts
  • Personal Connections: Reached out personally through WhatsApp. Highest purchases from here till now.
  • Twitter: Got good referrals, connections & customers from here
  • Linkedin: Linkedin gets me a purchase every time I post about the course :D

Channels which didn’t work

  • Hacker News: Just Got one purchase even after my friend posting it & me posting it as well
  • Reddit Ads: Quite expensive, may have got one purchase but overall couldn’t track. I just spend around 25$ so can't rule it out completely
  • Facebook Groups: Most of the groups didn’t allow to post & others it just didn’t work there
  • Pinterest Guest Post: I worked with a guy on Fiverr who did a posting on his account with massive followers. Didn’t get any traffic though
  • Others: Posted on some other websites like Sideprojectors, Instagram, Cold emailers, careermove, etc

All in all, good experience & a lot of takeaways. The most important takeaway I got from this experiment was that you need to BUILD AUDIENCE first & you can sell anything. I didn’t have much audience across channels & the sales could be better if I would have built some audience first.

I would love to take questions (If any). Also, pretty active on twitter, you can follow me here for further discussions.



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  Saaj_2 2

No you are not. Never said it was successful, I just wanted to share my journey & also take cues of what all could I do better next time :)

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Having some experience in infobusiness I must say that a course/ebook is usually just a "frontend" for a much more expensive "backend" product like a live seminar, workshop, coaching or mentorship. Or expensive professional services. That's where all the money are made.

So, if you want to grow the business, not just build your audience, think deeper about the business model, maximizing the lifetime value of your customers. If your LTV is higher than competitors' one, you literally own all paid marketing channels :)

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That sounds like a good idea. I actually didn't of a model or a systematic approach to sell this. Will have some systems in place for the next course :)