Need a business name for a colourful soap and bath business

by Lankaner. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    2    4

I'm starting a small business selling colourful soaps, bath bombs, shampoos and other bath products. I will be selling a wide variety of colourful products.

My marketing themes/tags will be centred around: soaps, eco-friendly, colourful, self-care, body-positivity, planet-love, tailored to young women.

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SundayJan2017 1

Soap and Beyond
The Bar effect
Soak and clean
Fresh Bar
Bar and Beautiful

sanwfa 1

Name shd convey what it is IMO

Allyjb24 1

Spectrum Suds

Double Rainbow

Soap Palette

Colour Theory

Lather Pop

Masterplan1000 2

I’ll give you a run down of how I personally come up with a brand name, and validate it to ensure there is a domain and no trademark issues.

Write down what you want your brand to convey to your clients. Playful, fun attitude. Serious corporate vibe.

Who is your end client? It should resonate with her.

Begin brainstorming a list of possible names and modifying them, play with names, use sounds, create a new word, animals, fruits, different languages.

Check what your direct competitors are doing, how does their name resonate with the market, don’t copy them, just use it as a marker for what is currently working.

Here are some great websites to assist you in playing around with words and checking domain names:

Name Mesh



How to validate your brainstormed list of names:

Two important questions are is my domain name available/purchasable, and is there any potential trademark issues with another company.

A .com domain is best and should be chosen if possible, but a .io could work for
your particular market if you can’t find a suitable .com - this will open you up to more opportunities to find a suitable name.

Worldwide brand search

Search the worldwide trademark to ensure you won’t have any infringement issues in the future. This is a underrated, but VERY important step.

You should also scour google to see if there’s any unregistered agencies that are operating in the same industry with the same name without registering their trademark.

Good luck with your new enterprise, drop me a line if you’d like some advice on your brainstorm list or have any questions.