Need advice/perspective on dealing with defective products from my manufacturer

by FluidCheesecake. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0

(I also posted this in startups - but wanted to ask this group too)


I started my company about 1.5 years ago and we're starting to now gain traction and sales! This is exciting. Our industry section is RV campsite gear. We sell a product that fairly bulky, no moving parts, but does have stitching around the edges. I think we have a good manufacturer (China) and we have a good relationship (I think). As we've begun to grow our sales, I'm getting a few emails back from customers letting me know that the stitching on this item is coming out and the side is tearing a bit. Out of 86 of these products sold and shipped out - I've gotten 2 defective product emails. I mean - I know this is like a 2% problem rate - but I get nervous (this being my first company) because our whole premise is high quality. What if there are more coming (we've been selling a lot lately). So I have a couple of questions that I'd love some advice on:

  1. How should I be handling this with my manufacturer? I honestly don't have any idea what the norm is. I found my manufacturer on Alibaba - and like I said, we've been working together for over a year --and on these particular products for about 7 months. I'm small time - but I'm growing - so I think he sees that my business will be increasing. (I'm making more frequent and larger orders each time).
  2. What is a normal defect rate I might expect? I really don't know - should I be shooting for 100% good?
  3. Moving forward - as I get larger and order more product - what sort of agreements should I have in place with my manufacturer as far as quality control? Assume I'm a complete rookie who is making every mistake in the book - but somehow pulling this business off?