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So I'm working for a marketing consultancy agency and I need to get in touch with decision makers of business in few cities like London, San Francisco and Toronto. How can I get the emails/insta/LinkedIn/Facebook of the descision makers of business here?


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I don't have any love but the basic idea from the other post still holds: WTF marketoids.

And you posted this as if you're placing a drive through order at the Slurp'n'Burp. Announce marketing consultancy. Spam Decision Makers. Profit! Well that does sound internet alright.

Naiveté is not a skill. Stop practicing.

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I genuinely didn't understand one bit of what you said except you're angry at me. Maybe explain it in a easier way so I can avoid making the same mistake again?

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This forum and others get lots of posts just like yours. Consultants that can't solve the problem they purport to consult on. Marketing agencies which can't market.

All offering to give advice for money, operating the revenue generation of any business they come across, from the depth of their inconceivable unknowingness.

An agency used to mean a confederation of experts, a one stop shop for authority. Whose one skill outside their core set is expert collaboration, an orchestration of competence so to speak. Today an agency is one zero skill idea guy who outsources lowest rung bottom feeders off sites like Fiverr. Calling it a buffet of fecklessness is an understatement (I mean, it would be if anyone knew what feckless meant).

You want to sell ... that? Okay. I will tell any who care to how to start.

Start an ecommerce shop. Do the market research. Find unmet demand. Sell at higher than usual profit with better than average repeat customers. Now you can hold yourself out to consult on ecommerce. And if you are phenomenally smart about the curation of your shop -- customers are going to be ideal prospects for ecommerce marketing advice. So curate well.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Should you need more information there is a vasty internet at your disposal. If you have successfully located porn you are over qualified to turn that practiced skill to the trifling problem of not knowing the first thing about the subject you wish to consult on.

Forever these incapables complain "You have to start somewhere." I have now shown you. Go start.

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Ahhh now I understand what was bothering you so much. So let me clarify. It's not that my agency has asked me to do this. It's just me who is going out of my job description and trying to land a few clients to impress my supervisors is what you can think of it as. It's more of something I'm asking to learn for myself than the benifit of my company.

Also, the reason I asked this question is to get insights I can't find in google.


> It's just me who is going out of my job description and trying to land a few clients to impress my supervisors is what you can think of it as. It's more of something I'm asking to learn for myself than the benifit of my company.

Okay. "How hard could this be ... here, hold my beer." The advice stands unchanged. I can see you might want more concrete steps.

Find an article. Fucking read. Apply the damn thing. That has got to shock the hell out of anybody there.

TIL I'm a big boy and anyways mom said I could help is now a career hack.

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Downvoted for being a clown

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Ok theres tough love, and then theres being a prick for the sake of being a prick. You're being the latter.

"I'm looking to find clients for our marketing agency"

"Start a shopify site selling stuff!"

The fuck kind of benign advice is that supposed to be?

Read a book?

How about you learn people skills instead. What do you think this is, scared straight entrepreneur edition? Lmfao. Get out of here with your psuedo tough love bullshit masquerading as a thinly veiled screenplay writer for a local theater company. All the razzle dazzle embelishments in the world isnt going to change the core of what your post actually is: providing zero help, shitting on OP, and talking yourself up.

If you're here to help people, help people. If you're not here to help people, the fuck are you here for?

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What would you do to an employee, no experience, no skill, no training ...who then approached the potential clients of your company on their own, in any way, representing that company.

I would fire them as a direct threat to business. Straightaway.

>"Start a shopify site selling stuff!"
>The fuck kind of benign advice is that supposed to be?

A way to preserve the job of the rogue employee who feels their ignorance is equal to anyone else's accomplishment.

I can see where you might have difficulty understanding that.

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>According to data from the Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, there were 5.6 million employer firms in the United States in 2016.

Yeah, I'm pretty damn sure that a small up and coming marketing agency doesn't need to have the same rigidity as an established one with well defined sales channels, being that there are literally millions of businesses in the US alone. And he's likely to never reach the critical people at many/most firms, the same way it is for all sales reps. Combine this with them selling remotely to markets outside of where they physically reside, and the person on the other end will likely never see them enough to establish any sort of perception of the agency, one way or another, during this early calls. It would likely just end up lost in a sea of emails/unreturned phone calls.

Best case scenario - they actually succeed. Worst case scenario - somebody who never heard of the company before, and will likely never hear of them again because of how big the ocean is for marketing firms, will simply ignore them or say no.

You do know this, right?

And surely you know that when it comes to selling, everybody starts somewhere and the most ambitious reps don't wait for your precious permission before they hit the road. They strive to sell and land accounts, exactly like OP is doing. Lord knows that if they DID wait around, elitist sales reps would never give them a shot and they'd certainly not give them any viable leads they could instead use for themselves.

I'd say you should be more open to dynamic employees willing to go outside of their lane and comfort zone. THOSE are the employees that companies need to value most, because they aren't set in their ways and they're willing to try and fail. Fire them all you want. You wouldn't have given them a chance anyways.

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>small up and coming marketing agency


>You do know this, right?

What I know is social media can take something an amplify it beyond all proportion. But that's marketing and apparently off topic.

The startup is often played around at like a treehouse club. I have made that charge. If you are prepared to make that the assumption this OP should hang their job on, I can't stop you. I can disagree.

What I know is there is a recession. And opinions will vary but startup and established company alike are on edge. This is all one needs to understand all caution is not thrown to the wind.

But this draws near the point. Somebody else's company is the plaything of anybody who cares to try can experiment with, practice on, fuck with on a whim. And you can fuck around without consequence and no harm done.

I can't agree with that.

Your points are all well within the standard assumptions made here all the time. So it will not shock most readers I strenuously disagree with most standard assumptions applied where information is lacking. And information is in short supply here.

>I'd say you should be more open to dynamic employees willing to go outside of their lane and comfort zone.

This could be an interesting point. Both the startup and established company have the obligation to understand who they're hiring -- of at very least learn about the workforce over time.

Especially if we operate on this assumption of a doomed half-ass crap shoot, they have to figure on rogues and provide guidance. On the employee side, you have to have some awareness of the management and do your research into how the company wants you to express your ambition.

Fair point. We can't say what's going on with this management but mostly hiring and employee career tracking is off the rails much of the time. This invites the kind of mischief OP is bound and determined to undertake regardless of what I write.

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> half ass-crap shoot


^(Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This comment was inspired by )^xkcd#37

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Seconded. It got to a point where it just felt unproductive to involve in the convo anymore

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To a person who is new in the workforce, your approach seems intuitively reasonable.

The problem is, it's not. It's bad. You're asking about how you can spam people you haven't earned the right to talk to. And you're making it worse, because the very thing you want to sell - advice on marketing - is something you have no knowledge of.

A better approach is for you to learn the craft you aspire to practice, and then show what you can do. As you are able to help people you will build credibility, and then decision makers will reach out to you.

Sound hard? Don't worry - it is.

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I totally understand what you're saying. Thank you for correcting the direction that I'm going itself rather than just answering the question. I'll be mindful to change my approach from now on.

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Now I mean to say the following with all the love in the world, so don't take offense...

But I'm always amazed when somebody who's selling marketing/advertising has no idea how to market or advertise to their intended client base and asks us for tips here.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're a jr sales rep fresh in the industry, and they kind of just chucked you out into the world and said "go do sales! You've gotta deliver X-number of solid leads within the first couple of months." right?

If so, let me know and I can give you a bit of a run-down of how we gain access to the hardest people to get in front of and sell to - attorneys.

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Haha I totally see what you're saying. I infact laughed out loudly after you pointed that out. However I'll just clear up a few things.

  1. The goal is to target businessess whose owners I can directly get in touch with. We don't have a niche as of yet cause we wanna see where we fit. This does bring a lot of uncertainty though.
  2. I'm definitely just starting out, infact it's my first job. I asked this question cause I wanted to get some leads and land some clients and provide direct value for my company. I'm not just in sales particularly.
  3. I'd definitely love it if you could share how you do it.