Need crowd validated problem to tackle? We created a platform where people share everyday problems that can't be solved on their own.

by kenan2991. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    11    10

We are typical engineers (i.e. introverts) who always dreamed about building a scalable business that tackles problems worth solving. However, the challenge was to find a validated problem without working in a particular industry for years. So we thought, what if we could talk to experienced individuals from all industries and pick up a problem that matches our abilities and passion?

After a quick research, we found there is no need for a talk...Problems are all over the internet - but they are not aggregated into a single place so that entrepreneurs can be responsive and help by suggesting an existing product (i.e. start-up) or build a prototype and validate it.

All that being said, we came up with an idea to build PainPad - a platform where people share daily experiences that drive them crazy or inject inefficiency and needless complication into their everyday lives that can’t be solved on their own. Consequently, problems will be exposed to a crowd full of entrepreneurs looking for real problems worth solving!

Share your thoughts if you have a chance - thanks!


jstyles2000 1

Gotta be honest, I have no patience for your website. Bounced after three or four thumb flicks. Redesign, and test. Weird first image. Never actually saw the product... Maybe it's on there, but I didn't get far enough.

Sounds like I'm hating on you, I'm not. Honest feedback that others less open minded will certainly feel.

  kenan2991 1

hey - nope, I truly appreciate your honest feedback. But, at this point in time, it's just a prototype that we are trying to test and validate, hence the design and UX might not be at it best.

Thanks for taking the time and checking it out!

jstyles2000 1

Let me just clarify.... I'm not talking about anything I'd call UX ...really just talking about the basic web design of your intro page, I didnt even get into your actual app. The first page of the site is just offputting. Let the program speak for itself. I should almost arrive immediately in it. I dont need a recap of what "problems" are all about. If I got to your site, assume I know that already. Also dont want to hear your 'story'.Just show quickly how it works. I looked again, and the part on the front page that sorta explains how it works is very wordy. Edit it... heavily, just flush words out of it.

Literally get rid of everything before the "Here is solution to problem" (your typo, not mine). If you want to keep that content, put it after that section. Start with how it works... but I need a strong visual to show it, just show me what the interface looks like with an example.

TheTallestOfTopHats 1

This has a lot of potential, I hope it somehow gets a large user base. It's pretty useless without one

  kenan2991 1

Yes totally agree - without users, it has no potential. However, it's our (founders) problem to solve ;)

TheTallestOfTopHats 1

out of curiosity, how do you solve those kind of problems? I've always wondered how websites that need decently sized network effects actually start

purpelpowerranger 1

I think that is a really good idea

  kenan2991 1

Thanks - don't forget to share it with your friends!

spyroInTheMix 2

This is an awesome concept! I how it takes off

  kenan2991 1

Thanks - share your painful experience or add a solution to any problems listed on the platform. I'm sure you will find it very useful!