Need crowd validated problem to tackle? We created a platform where people share everyday problems that can't be solved on their own.

by kenan2991. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    8    5

We are typical engineers (i.e. introverts) who always dreamed about building a scalable business that tackles problems worth solving. However, the challenge was to find a validated problem without working in a particular industry for years. So we thought, what if we could talk to experienced individuals from all industries and pick up a problem that matches our abilities and passion?

After a quick research, we found there is no need for a talk...Problems are all over the internet - but they are not aggregated into a single place so that entrepreneurs can be responsive and help by suggesting an existing product (i.e. start-up) or build a prototype and validate it.

All that being said, we came up with an idea to build PainPad - a platform where people share daily experiences that drive them crazy or inject inefficiency and needless complication into their everyday lives that can’t be solved on their own. Consequently, problems will be exposed to a crowd full of entrepreneurs looking for real problems worth solving!

Share your thoughts if you have a chance - thanks!


GreenFork1 1

This is a solid idea, I’m someone who would definitely be interested in the problem solving side. I took a quick look at the site and would like to see more problems from a diversified audience. It looks like only one or two people were posting multiple problems in the same industry in the reports feed -or appeared that way anyway. If there is more problems on the site definitely add a “sign up to see thousands/hundreds of more problems” or what have you call to action. But the lack of problems to solve kept me from hitting the sign up button.

If you do have a lack of problem posters, I have a feeling this is why. The value proposition isn’t there or clear enough for the problem posters side. “potential earnings” for posting a lot doesn’t get people excited.
If I told someone “hey if you come and do my dishes enough times I will potentially give you an undisclosed amount of money” they would laugh at me.

If you really want to grow this thing I would do this:

Tell the problem posters that when an entrepreneur selects their problem as one they want to solve they get paid $50/$80/$100 or whatever works (you’ll have to play with it to find the sweet spot).

On the problem solver side, the entrepreneur pays the fee to gain “rights” to the problem and permanently remove the problem from the site. You take a %20 cut or whatever works (again you’ll have to play with it) then throw that money at paid ads to grow your network.

This obviously has pitfalls like people reposting previously bought problems but almost all of them can be solved with clever ideas and a good programmer.

As far as the site goes, function wise it works nicely (from what I saw) although I would decrease the fade into view timer by 90 or so ms. Design wise you desperately need professional branding. I know you guys are new and this is likely a MVP but when a big part of your market is entrepreneurs, we tend to get used to more professional looking platforms.

I hope this helps! I know this seems like a lot of negativity, and it is not intended to be. I just wanted to shoot straight. I think this could definitely take off and am exited to see how you guys grow in the future!

  kenan2991 1

Hey there!
Well first and foremost, thank you for such extensive and descriptive feedback - all your time and effort is very much appreciated! Also, I do not consider it is as negativity - constructive feedback is always a way to improve!

I totally agree with the part that we do not have a clear and straight forward value proposition for problem posters which we're currently working on. Hopefully, once there is an improvement we will definitely update the website and let you know!

Regarding design and branding, we were not really concerned about them whereas all our effort during MVP development was utilized towards functionality and idea deliverability so that we can validate the product. Thereafter if we succeed - spend more time and money and make it look more professional.

Thanks again!

chickenroads 1

Ehh I've heard of stuff like this for a long time. I dont think anything along these lines ever caught on but I'd say fiver is probably the closest successful cousin to this. Busy people won't find this without a ton of marketing.

  kenan2991 1

Hey - thanks for the feedback.

I'm familiar with the idea behind Fiverr and it's more like a hands-on request/ask to do a job and get paid right away. Whereas, PainPad is more like a platform for people to share painful experiences that they can't solve on their own - for instance, the need for electric car, or a single source of physical address (it super painful to change your address on all sites when you move), or finding the best deal on internet etc. Those are all existing problems that entrepreneurs can tackle.

chickenroads 1

I'm saying fiverr has been the closest thing to actually catch on. This concept isnt new & the real hang up is convincing people that the platform will solve their problems.. being entrepreneurial it most likely will not solve but 10% tops. What makes someone use it often?