Need feedback on my new product

by NickFreiling. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    1

I'm Nick Freiling.

By day, I'm CEO at PeopleFish. By night, I've been creating SurveySays -- an immediate-feedback survey tool for startups, content creators, marketers, and anyone else looking for quick answers from real-world consumers.

Write up to three multiple choice questions. Target those questions to the right people (country, age, gender). Then field that survey and get data back from 300 people in \~3 hours.


Price is $99 per survey now. But with just a little volume, we can start cutting this dramatically.

Any initial feedback on the site? The tool? The concept? Feel free to use -- it's 100% live and functional.


Livekaki 1

Everything is great, but are 3 questions gender, age, region enough?