Need help on finding a good handle for social medias.

by peepxel. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    4

Hello everyone,

So I found a cool name for my startup, got really lucky and managed to buy the .com (Yay!) directly.

But the thing is that this handle is taken on Instagram and Twitter. Not a big problem but I still want to make it right, so I was wondering if you guys have any advice on how to find a good handle when your brand name is taken.

What suffix or prefix should I use ? Can I just use "[brandname]Com" ? Is it a good idea ? Just need your input on that matter.

Thanks !


IceCoffeeSnob 1

what startup are you in? For example, if it is able app, then yourbrandapp as the handle. If it is about a water bottle, then use yourbrandwaterbottle or yourbrandbottle. If it's about a platform, then... you get the idea. There are many other options too.

vohzd_ 1

Use get[brandName] or [brandName]_

The company I work for did this and eventually managed to get the .com, but the social handles still have get[brandName]

Honestly users won't really care, just make sure your logo + content is eye grabbing!

Good luck!

  peepxel 1

Thank you for your answer ! :)

"Get" is pretty nice, but I'm selling design items, more precisely original bags. Isn't "Get" more suited for app ?

vohzd_ 1

With you, yeah get works for software etc and less-so for physicals.

Would [brandName]bags not work?