Need help - willing to barter?

by seaandtea. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    5

Hello friends. I need help and am willing to give to. (This is NOT a promotion - I am genuinely looking)

I am a public speaking coach and I'm bloody good. I was a successful theatre director and acting trainer and I take the first principles of theatre and 5 decades of experience and figure out what works for an individual so they can shine in any speaking situation. I also coach people for job interviews and my success rate scares me. I just wonder when my magic will vanish.

I lost all my bookings back in March and hence, leaned into poverty and relaxation. I was terrified of zoom and doing online workshops, however, a month ago, some people were desperate and begged me to help them - so I did. I've now done 5 really successful workshops. I'm confident I have a tested product that gives value for people's money. What I 'need' to is: set up a series of workshops, put them on eventbrite, set up mailchimp thing, advertise the series on mailchimp, linkedin, facebook and possibly slap something on my website. The words, Landing page, also float around my head.

My problem is, I have not got a bloody clue. And I am ridiculously scared of doing this. I do not have a head that thinks in this way and I'm terrified of messing up and I don't even know what I don't know. I've tried watching tutorial videos and I feel either super anxious or fall into a deep sleep. I've asked people and they either shrug or they frustratingly bark some half-baked instruction that I do not understand. It makes me super sad. I have no money to pay and I've been ripped off with these things in the past.

Is there someone genuine/decent here who can do this and who would enjoy helping me set this up - in exchange for some quality coaching or attending my workshops?

I've done barters before and I usually come off worse. I'm looking for this to be a fair win-win outcome - one where we are super happy to recommend each other afterwards and we both move up a level.


RMJoey 1

So, to clarify, you want someone to set up advertisements on mailchimp, linkedin, facebook, edit your website, put them on eventbrite, then in exchange you'll give them... quality coaching...?

You don't have any money to pay even though you have a great success rate on interview coaching? If you have a good success rate in interview coaching, you'd be infinitely richer than you may think just by word of mouth recommendations. Such important talent doesn't go unnoticed.

In fact, March is exactly when your bookings would skyrocket. Desperate people seeing real value and proof flocking to you looking for coaching. What aren't you telling us here?

  seaandtea 1

Just to add, I moved countries 2 years ago.

  seaandtea 1

I set up my business last year. In person workshops. Very slowly. All local word of mouth. By March, I had the most incredible bookings and I was set to earn more from mid March to mid April than the 5 years previously. I was just about to 'get rich'. Some of these were people I had not met who had heard of me. And, then the covid lockdown happened and I lost every booking. All the venues closed.

I was working for local authorities, schools and universities. The all closed and have had their finances bashed.

I didn't believe I could run the workshop by zoom. I dear technology greatly. Anyway, some ladies were desperate. They are struggling. They wanted coaching. I didn't charge them, because I didn't know how good it could be. I was really shocked when it worked and worked so well. I guess I'm coming from first principles and the skills are highly transferable.

What I am up against is people's fear of public speaking. It's seen as non essential. Training budgets have been cut. My old clients have much bigger problems to solve. So, I wanted to set up zoom workshops and put them on eventbrite. I need help...someone who work help me figure this all out.

I don't even know who to ask and I'm very scared of being ripped off.

pkuinwild 2

Instead of barter, why don't you offer someone who is willing to help a cut of the revenue from the workshops?

Easier to go about it that way instead of bartering your coaching services.

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Thank you. Thank you for the suggestion...i like that. I've had two people DM me offering to barter which could be fantastic for so many reasons.