Need help with finding a suitable inventory control barcode system for a frame repair business

by RobiTad. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    1


Who we are

I work for a small business in the UK who supplies optician practices with frame repairs. Our day to day working environment is based around receiving packaged glasses from optical companies that we work with all around the country (UK). We open those packages and within them the frames and repair forms that we provide our customers with. These order forms include name of the practice, their account number with us, our reference number and a section where they're able to include notes for our workshop department to deal with.

The problem

We currently sort out all of our incoming orders into colour coded trays depending on the company, whether they're part of a billing group, independent opticians or part of a large company with multiple branches. Once they're into colour coded trays we put them on a shelf where our technicians handle the repairs.

We have been using google sheets to record all of our orders.

This includes:

- Date the order came in

- Name of practice

- Account number

- Order reference number

- Date the order was dispatched back to business

The problem is that this takes quite a long time which doesn't allow me and my colleague to focus on other tasks. We have been hoping to find a suitable inventory bar code system that allows us to record the orders that have come in where the system can do the following:

- Automatically and/or manually record data such as order reference, name of customer, account number.

- Allow the use to book in and book out orders

- Allow us to find details about the order, notes they sent with is (for example, fix a specific part of the frame) just by scanning a bar coded tray.

In summary, we want a system where we can use bar codes on our colour coded trays and immediately access all the information required (practice name, repair notes, account number) for that specific tray.

We also use Sage50 to do all of our account-related priorities including invoices therefore if there's a system where it can be implemented with Sage50 that would be most preferred. If not, any system that can do the tasks that we require would be much appreciated.


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Why don't you get this thing custom developed for your particular business?