Need help with merch question!

by islandwalking. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    1    2

So I sell art and I am having such a hard time trying to figure out the best way to do this. I want to sell hoodies and T-shirt’s but I am a very small business so I cannot just buy a random amount of stock/sizes? I’ve sold a few articles of clothing in the past but it was very limited. I did sell it all tho.

For reference, I already have a website, using Squarespace. I’ve already gone through the trouble of designing it and gone through 2 domains and pay for it monthly, etc. I’m not really trying to set up a whole other red bubble type thing. I also like to be able to control the design and quality of products, and I in general just want everything together on MY site. I thought maybe I could do preorder, but I also hate the idea of having to have my customers wait 3 weeks plus to receive an item, and worry that preorder would discourage purchases (speaking from my personal experience-I like that instant gratification lol). So is there any other way to do it? Or am I being too stubborn?

Also, I am planning on using printful, I’ve used it before and like what they have to offer. However would also like advice for future reference as I screen print shirts, and have to buy all the supplies to make it. I’m just lost as to how I go about figuring out the numbers/how much to produce for stock being such a small brand. I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and any advice/opinions! Thanks :)


Mallisandra 1

Would you be able to put your designs on somewhere like Redbubble or Teesprings so you dont have to have so many different sizes and styles in stock? You wouldn't get the full sale price because they do all the printing and shipping, but you would be able to set the commission you want to get. Might be a good way to reach a large audience without having to do a lot of work, then once your artwork is well known switch to having it available on just your own website.

shootphotosnotarabs 1

Sell more. Seems like a simple but fob off answer but it’s the truth. All your stock turnaround and inventory problems reduce with flow.

What’s your shop/site/designs?

I would be keen to see.

Also, do you have a business plan?