Need input on my startup idea

by cheeky861. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    10


I have an idea for a startup (which is just a side project for now), and I would like someone who is good at startups/strategy to provide some general input on it. Basically I want to know if its a feasible and unique idea.

Please comment/DM me if interested. Thanks!


TDajani 1

Hey, I would recommend that you actually post your idea (please don't worry about someone actually stealing your idea, everyone is too busy to do that, also, it's all about execution). Second, high level advice, if you want to know if it is feasible, check if there is a comparable product, if there is, then you know there is a market. So next step, is to build v1, get user feedback, iterate and repeat. Good luck :)

regiworld87 1

I’d like a DM about the idea also.

Scotty11p 1

DM... i'm always interested in hearing new ideas.

xAvi_r 1

I've been working in the startup industry for 5+ years. Ping me if you want to!

supernova_startups 2

Are you going to say more about your project here ...or only in a private message?
We understand many problems early startups are facing, this is what we do. If you feel sharing it with me, I will try my best to help you out.

coreyrude 20

After about a decade of freelancing in various fields and listening to hundreds of pitches and being asked to sign hundreds of NDA's iv learned one important thing. If you feel like the only thing that makes your business idea possible is being the first one to do it and its gotta stay a big secret until launch you are going to fail.

Share the basics of your idea here in the open, get feedback from as many people as possible. Your secrete recipe is going to be your team and your execution of the idea. If those sucks but the idea is killer then one of us will come around and rip your idea off once you launch and do it better anyways. Getting a month or even a year heads start won't really matter when someone comes around who can execute the idea better.

TDajani 1

100% agree, I think historically speaking first movers weren't always the most successful.

FlipTheSwitch4u 1

I second this statement

regiworld87 1

Agreed. Great comment.

rjtkr_reddit 5

Most valid advice. Good job.