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by farzad-jafari. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    6    5

What do you think about a web application where you can validate your idea before investing more time and money into it in a few steps.

  1. Add content (video, image, gif)

  2. Set questions

  3. Publish, share and get the data

Here is a demo. Please check and leave your thoughts there? Thank you.


mgumms1 1

This is so meta!

tquill 2

It's a very interesting idea, and better than I expected when I first saw the explanation. The video demo is great at explaining the concept quickly.

The main problem is that the only real validation is sales or pre-sales. Anything before that doesn't mean much, unfortunately.

  farzad-jafari 2

Thank you for your comment. You're right. That validation is something that everyone is seeking. However, in some cases, people want to know (before they get into implementation) how an idea sounds to their market. As you may know, Dropbox was first a video as an MVP.

So we tried to address this issue by this web application. This is the issue we always had every time we want to implement an idea to an application. So why invest more before even know if it works.

mike_concho 2

I like the concept. The problem is why someone would go out of their way to fill this out in the first place. You'd have to pay (or do a raffle) etc. to have them use this, but then you would have to collect their information.

I know there are products like this out there, but yours I think has a nicer UI specifically for apps.

  farzad-jafari 1

Thank you Mike for your comment.

You can submit your idea and get a permanent subdomain and share it with anyone anywhere. There is an option that you can list it down on the website too, to get the website visitors' opinion as well.

The answer to the problem that you mentioned is since you take your time (much appreciate it) and comment on my post, you most likely give your opinion to your network who passed their ideas survey to you. No, there is no pay because this is not a survey to get the highest number of submissions. This is a survey to get the most valuable opinion and thoughts from targeted markets.

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts. :)