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by farzad-jafari. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    12    9

What do you think about a web application where you can validate your idea before investing more time and money into it in a few steps.

  1. Add content (video, image, gif)

  2. Set questions

  3. Publish, share and get the data

Here is a demo. Please check and leave your thoughts there? Thank you.


swri365 1

This is interesting. Check-out where we are working to create small group working groups around ideation. Would like your feedback/thoughts

djnemesis305 1

There is something like this in the market already

SpecialistAromatic 2

I definitely think this is something helpful for a lot of founders that aren't quite sure where or how to start. However you should be aware of other tools similar to the one you're building already available online. I can't quite remember the names now but I've came across 2-3 ones so far. I'll get back to you if I remember.

  farzad-jafari 1

Thank you for your comment. That's exactly the problem that I had every time I wanted to start a product.

Yes, there are lots of similar products. But in this product, we tried to be simple, intuitive, and user friendly, with fewer barriers to entry. Since this is the first version, I hope I can add even more features in the next iterations.

olivergee 2

The hard part of this is, that even if you tell the people that your idea is not working, they will not hear the critics anyway and the seasoned entrepreneur can test it themself as they already know when to not proceed with a project that will not work out.

Horror_Ant6290 3

Hey. I think that's a really good idea, particularly as there's about to be a surge in new businesses as job losses increase. BUT, I think the magic will be about getting access to the right people to judge the idea. I.e. if you're building payroll software, it doesn't matter what a bunch of random visitors think of it, it matters what Heads of IT and HR think about it.

If it's just an algorithm I'm not sure it'll work. Entrepreneurs generally don't respond well to 'the computer says no'.

If you can crack having access to a good panel of 'raters' then you're golden. Maybe focus on one industry first so you can get a decent panel?

  farzad-jafari 1

Thank you for your comment. So far this panel gives you the ability to make a version zero of your product with having a permanent domain and a few features such as adding your Google analytics to it. Then you decide whom you want to share with. Moreover, you can opt to list it on the website to get the website's visitors' opinions if you want to.

However, you mentioned to the good point and I will definitely consider your advice for the next iterations. Thank you.

sco_solace 5

Lol that’ll never prove a market validation

  farzad-jafari 1

The validation is something that you get through this application. It's not a validation itself for sure.