[Nervous] Launching my first SaaS product. Any Advice?

by parvezvai. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    11    19

Hey Guys,

We are a nimble team building a customer support software (like Zendesk, HelpScout) from last 5 months. We are about launch our first public beta and it will be invitation only.

I'm little nervous because this is my first SaaS launch ever! Do you have any suggestion for me to not freak out ? :)

As an entrepreneur, what is your 'go to market' strategy?

Really appreciate your feedback.


Timnolet 1
  1. Nail the launch.
  2. Then forget about it and focus on initial sales. Paying customers will teach you a million valuable things.
martindesimone 1

Hey! Send me a link to your product if you can. Or a demo. We are looking for something like that and could evaluate it.

  parvezvai 1

Sure things. I'll PM you

Dmsupermarket 2

To not freak out or to minimise the freaking out - ensure you have a robust checklist.

A checklist for your website / landing page / software / hosting / marketing.

It's a very simple idea but once done, will give you more reassurance that you have done everything on your side.

For yourself, one thing I would suggest you strongly investigate is the list of invites - if the quality of the invites is good, then you will have a higher chance of adoption etc.

Go to Market strategy - I tend to include Market Research, Competitors Analysis, Customer Journey, Use Cases, Marketing Strategies for each channel, Positioning and Project Management.

Best of luck and do keep us updated

  parvezvai 2

> is good, then you will have a higher chance of adopti

Thanks a ton for your valuable advice! Really appreciate that.

Constructment 2

Just commenting to follow the post. We’re in the same stage so looking for tips too! OP want to keep in touch for accountability and discussing tips/tricks?

  parvezvai 2

Sure :D

SM-Nitro 2

Focus groups to make sure your target audience needs you software, this will give you massive intel on how you can improve you mvp and what features to add if you have not already done this you need to know your filling a void in the market.

1 month free trial for beta group to test to know either where bugs are are what features you need to add next... not sure if this has already taken place... but better to build something people need and will become long term users of....

Maybe life time deals for early adopters

LokiTM 2

This is good advice. Know your customers. Learn everything you can about them. Why do they buy? What obstacles prevent them from implementing your solution. What other priorities might be competing with solving the problem you address?

SM-Nitro 1

Oh thanks Loki, look i am pretty sure as guys building software this would be a part of their strategy perhaps even prior to ever writing a line of code.

In saying that there are a fair few SAAS products that changed completely from their mvp based on client feed back or having high client churn.

To me it makes sense to learn from who you directly want to serve prior to building and scoping out the mvp... in saying that I do not build software, I only use it.

LokiTM 2

I started building internet privacy as a service for consumers and ended up doing cyber stealth as a service for the national security community. :)

SM-Nitro 1

Thats awesome Loki great job!

jdquey 2
  1. Don't optimize for the launch because it isn't a long-term strategy. Many entrepreneurs I know feel their launch was a flop because they put all eggs into this one basket.
  2. Focus on where your audience is, which is not necessarily where people often launch (e.g. ProductHunt, HackerNews, and Betalist).
AdamKyleWilson 2

You’re not going to nail it the first time. This is officially the start of the marathon. Keep a steady pace, stay well rested and hydrated, don’t give up.

Huge congrats! What an exciting moment for you and the team.

  parvezvai 3

Thanks man! Yeah, really excited :)

entrepreneurs_anon 3

I don’t have anything super specific but here are some more general thoughts that have helped me:

Remain flexible af.

Listen to others (feedback is very important when coming from many in the same form).

Don’t get cocky.

Obstacles are a gift, not a problem— they provide the most learning and they’re what barriers to entry into your area are made of.

Customer focus above all.

Figure out what is your differentiation point against other similar products early (sometimes what your customers appreciate the most is not what you thought your key differentiator was!)

Sell, sell, sell. You don’t need a sales team from the get go. The early people involved should be doing the selling because they will also be receiving super valuable feedback from potential customers

Rejust 10

My advice is don’t let up. Many times (especially engineering focused teams) push and work hard to get a product built. Many nights and weekends to get those last minute bugs, issues and loose ends wrapped up. You feel a sense of pride and release when it is ready. However, now is the hard part. Put the same level of hustle into getting your first customers. Cold call, sell, take part in community events and forums, cold email, get the word out.

You will get some initial interest. Don’t stop - don’t focus exclusively on them. Remember it doesn’t matter how much someone loves your idea or interested if they are not paying you.

You will have two launch waves. Don’t be fooled. The initial pop from announcements and launch buzz from places like Betalist, ProductHunt, and HackerNews will fade. Don’t slow now. Don’t slow after getting some interest. After the initial buzz wears off you will learn if you have a scalable acquisition strategy.

If you provide more details about your company we can provide more specific advice :)

  parvezvai 1

Thanks for your advice! I'll share more details shortly.

damonous 2

This is so true. Now is the time to push even harder.