New Bookmarking service - feedback wanted!

by elrumo. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    4    4

WebBites is a bookmarking service that started off as a side project as I was becoming increasingly frustrated with current bookmarking tools, especially as I'm quite dyslexic and wanted something less text-heavy. So I set out to build a straight to the point, visually pleasing and feature reach service.

WebBites is currently in beta, so it still lacks some features that I would consider a must (like folder sharing or having tags), but until they are all implemented and I get it where I want it to be, it would be great to receive some feedback. Thanks a lot!!


chase_bacon 1

Hey, would love to demo this.

error: cwebsitesannot be opened because developer not verified

  elrumo 1

Is that when you download the Mac app?
If so, could you try to download it form the site again to see if it’s been fixed? If not, I’ll work on that tomorrow. Thanks a lot for the interest!

Tomato_Goat 2

I think it looks great, and I love the initiative to basically make a more accessible bookmarks service.

Do you have any structured way of getting feedback other than just first thoughts on Reddit?

Also, have you considered that accessibility might be a good niche? Optimize for people with different disabilities, like you mentioned making it more visual to enhance the experience for people with dyslexia, might also want to dig in to screen readers, contrasts etc.?

  elrumo 2

That's actually a really good point, I'll investigate that further and see what I can do with it.

And yes, I've just added a built-in feedback popup to the bottom of the site once you log in, I have also created this feature request portal for anyone to give share feedback or make idea requests.