New Startup Looking for Feedback

by komokasi. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    4    6

Hey guys! My startup team and I just launched our free product, and we were hoping to get some feedback.

Our startup is called Dium ( ) and we help founders polish their ideas before starting businesses around them. We would love some feedback on our UI and frameworks. Please let us know if you would use something like this or share it with a friend who is new to entrepreneurship. Thanks!

Edit: not optimized for mobile and there have been reports of safari iOS not rendering things properly, thanks for the feedback so far!



Nice site. Assuming your going to have a paid for version? We should talk.

I have over 500 investors who could sit on 'panel'

  komokasi 1

I sent a chat message to you to clarify

warkid99 1

Took too much time to load

  komokasi 1

Can you be more specific? Im not seeing any loading issues right now, but would love to better understand what you are seeing

GhostwriterAdalyn 2

The website needs a few little tweaks to enhance clarity. ''Empowering those venturing into the startup space'' is barely visible. The same applies for the bios of the team. The fonts are so small. Make them bigger and bold.

The IG bio says ''launching in June''. Delete that. Keep the social media accounts updated :)

  komokasi 2

Thank you for the feedback on the font sizing!

Good catch, been trying to manage all the accounts and missed the IG. Thanks again!