New Startup Need Feedback

by komokasi. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    4

Hey guys! My startup team and I just launched our free product, and we were hoping to get some feedback.

Our startup is called Dium ( ) and we help founders polish their ideas before starting businesses around them. We would love some feedback on our UI and frameworks. Please let us know if you would use something like this or share it with a friend who is new to entrepreneurship. Thanks!

Edit: not optimized for mobile and there have been reports of safari iOS not rendering things properly, thanks for the feedback so far!


xAvi_r 2

Are you trying to resell the business model canvas with a non working website?

  komokasi 1

Nope. We found the BMC to be lacking in some areas when it comes to a brand new entrepreneur. The terms and how to use it is not great based on our own experiences and surveys and interviews that we have done. Also if you use their digital toolset, its very much the opposite of easy and friendly to new entrepreneurs.

Furthermore we grabbed from other frameworks and deal memos, and then reduced it into 5 questions and frameworks that are as user friendly as we could make it, with free resources for further explaination (no book needed)

And website works, just not optimized for mobile and there are reports that iOS is doing weird things when rendering the site, which we are working on. Thanks for the feedback!

deepneuralnetwork 1

It’s a bit ironic that a startup dedicated to helping other founders “polish their ideas” is asking for feedback on their product, especially when their landing page doesn’t render properly in Safari on iOS.

  komokasi 1

Sorry should of mentioned that its not optimized for mobile yet. It was loading alright on andriod though.

I suppose, but understanding user flow and catching bugs has nothing to do with core product idea and assumptions though. Appreciate the feedback that Safari on iOS is having weird render issues