New startup, trying to figure out a path

by Aspenchef. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    7

I launched my app 1 month ago and have been struggling to find potential users for product validation.....

How did you get your first users??? Cold calling? Ads? In person meetings? Etc.

I’m looking for just feedback on the app, so if anybody is willing to help, I’m willing to listen!

Thanks in advance!


avgjoe_info 1

One big question. How will users be benefited from using this app? I know you mentioned planning could cut the cost but how?

  Aspenchef 2

In catering businesses, all of the math to scale recipes for events is done by hand. Our app automatically does all of the math for you!
I’m actually a pastry chef (not technical or an engineer) and I used to spend ten hours a week just writing prep lists for events.
The goal is to eliminate human error and decrease waste by using the appropriate multiplying factors for events

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Do you have testimonials from chefs currently using the service? That would be helpful. And then I'd say trying to figure out where communities of chefs exist online!

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I do not, but that’s a good idea! I’m looking for more personal relationships so I can get that kind of feedback/ testimonials!
Most chefs are ironically on Reddit, I’ve posted it on here and have had some users with short usage but no long term, advice giving, users

AndaHappyNewYear_ 3

>Welcome to SimplyPrep
>Lower food cost - Reduce material waste

I have absolutely no idea what SimplyPrep is, what it does or who it's for - when I read this. And to be honest, neither the text or the image is interesting enough for me to want to read more.

Features sectionNow I start to realize what it is about. But it comes a bit out of the blue. What is the one feature that would get me to sign up? Let me hear about that!


>Simplify your event planning
>Cut food cost, reduce food waste and empower chefs by choosing SimplyPrep to manage your event planning!

This is way better! And there is even an image of the solution. Why don't you have that whole section at the beginning?

It could still be better though try to work on it a bit :) What does "empower chefs" mean could you change it to something more specific? And we don't quite need the "by choosing SimplyPrep to manage your event planning" - instead maybe the CTA button could be something like "Start managing for free" and then write something more specific in the text.

What would happen if you turn it around? "Manage your event planning to cut food cost, reduce food waste and empower chefs by giving them ??? [Start managing for free]"

I don't quite know if that is what you were looking for, but hope you can use it :)

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This is everything I was looking for!!! I wanted unbiased opinions about the site!!
Thanks so much for your feedback!

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I'm happy that you could use it and wish you the best of luck :)

And feel free to comment here (or send a DM) if you need feedback when you've updated the site.