New Virtual office for remote teams - feedback wanted!

by masterwoye. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    11    10

Kosy Office is a virtual office for remote teams that my partner and I started off as a side project when COVID hit and we felt the whole "remote work from home" was too unsocial especially as we both are quite social. We were bored of using Slack and Zoom to sort-of interact with colleagues.

The concept is to have a virtual office where you can interact with anyone in your office with video, audio in a much simpler way compared to Slack & Zoom. We also have a list of features including collaborative white-boarding, "grab a coffee" mode, new hire onboarding and games directly in the office. It would be great to get some of your feedback! Thank you!!


steveanthonyvlog 1

I seems to be an interesting idea. Good luck!

  masterwoye 1

Thank you!!

urbantimer 1

Can we connect because I have a business that align with yours? I mean we have same customer base, so both can be benefited from each other.

Check my website -

Let me know if you are open for discussion.

  masterwoye 1

Just sent you a DM!

Scotty11p 2

"Book a demo" you realize this is a major barrier right. Would you consider just having a video of a demo?

  masterwoye 1

Yes agreed this may reduce the number of people that do sign-up for a demo however 1) We are building new features weekly and the videos would get outdated very quickly 2) We prefer to spend some time 1 on 1 to show the latest version of the product, the full methodology behind it and also gather some input on what is most important from potential users.

We will still be releasing a video that shows how the platform works very shortly!

Scotty11p 1

"We will still be releasing a video that shows how the platform works very shortly!"
Let me know I'd love to see it.

  masterwoye 2

Sure thing - will send you a DM !

kyberplayer 2

You might be into something... Thank you for sharing, I’ll take a look.

  masterwoye 1

Thank you! Let me know if you have any feedback :-)