Newly Made company looking for advice

by HandoutGamer. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    2

As of today I am officially certified as a single owner LLC. I make websites, seo, as well as card/board games. I was looking for some advice from others. Dos don'ts, your experiences, etc. It's a huge step forward and I'd like to make sure I keep doing things right.


feudalle 2

KISS keep it simple stupid.

Trying to do to many things just confuses your message. So and web sites sure they go together. Board games and c as rd games go together all together not so much. Would you get get coffee at your vet. Or take your sick dog to your coffee shop?

ramseybrenner 2

Yes. You're a single person LLC. You don't have that many arrows in your quiver. The chances of one of these ideas being successful is low enough... and the changes get even worse if you spread yourself thin. Putting 30% of your energy into each of these ideas guarantees they're all going to fail.

Pick your best idea and put all of your energy behind it. From building it to marketing it, that's more than enough to take up all of your time and some.