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I have a question: I've been experimenting with clarified milk punch lately and seems like an interesting and versatile alternative to beer and wine. Despite this, I haven't seen clarified milk punch commercially available anywhere, and the only mentions I've seen of someone selling it commercially are appearances on small youtube channels. Can anyone offer any insight on this? Is is just a matter of no one trying to mass produce clarified milk punch? Or are there other factors that hurt its viability as a commercial product?

watksc 1

I want to learn more about starting a trucking dispatch business.

pierrepedropietro 1

Hi noob here, I'm a student and I have a business idea, but I'm not sure how to start. It's basically a new app. How do I get this going. Once the app is created (advice on how to do it would be welcome), how do I lift the business off the ground?

ThisIsRiri 2

Start by thinking about your business model. A great ressource to look at is the Business Model Canvas (just Google it - lots of free tools and explanatory articles about the topic). This will help you take a step back from the “app” you’re thinking about, and reflect first on the problem, if there is a real need, who’s your customer, what are their pain points, what’s unique about your solution, etc.
Before writing a single line of code (and hiring someone to build the app), I suggest your think thoroughly about this and speak to potential customers to understand their needs.

JCDundee60 1

I'm trying to help design an accountancy/finance support package for tech start-ups. Before I do anything, I want to be crystal clear on the challenges & needs of these businesses re: accounting. I don't want to come flailing in with my own assumptions.

I've pulled together a questionnaire to help better understand the tech startups relationship with accounting/finance and would be really appreciative of 5 mins of your time if you work in that space.

Also happy to answer and Q's on accounting for your business. I'm UK based but worked internationally.

GivMeLiberty 1

Hey guys, new to your sub. Low karma from getting banned from r/socialism for asking if there were any socialists who were also business owners... oops.

I'll soon be pulling the trigger on buying all my raw materials needed to launch a product and start my business. This business will be in the highly saturated nutrition supplement market, but I'm confident my product brings something new to the table. One, I could easily maintain very competitive pricing. Two, my product is unique in that it is simple. When I say it is the "no B.S." formula, I mean it literally is no B.S.. I've formulated it over the past two years with the goal of the biggest bang for your buck (same reason why I can make it for so cheap), and its a quality product, I use it and would prefer it over other similar products. My vision for it isn't the budget brand, but rather the best value brand.

I wanted to reach out on here and see if anyone had some advice for a first timer (specifically in this market, I'm digging all around your sub already), I have never started a business. I also wanted to know, is it a red flag that there are no other similar, cheap products on the market? Are nutrition products really just insanely marked up? Or is this a sign that there are costly proceedings I need to go through first that justify other products' high prices (haven't figured out any thus far)?

P.S. I am a college student and am very fortunate that my parents take on most of my expenses. I still work two jobs and I believe starting this business would make them feel like the money they've invested in me is worth it. On top of that, I am very passionate about nutrition and my product. That being said, I won't go broke if I start this, but I will be investing a large portion of my savings into this business and would love some feedback from y'all to give me a clearer picture of what I'd be getting into.

Jaxxxtentacion 1

How do you find someone reliable to help bring a product to life? For example something like a custom coin reader- I have no clue how to build one but I know the tech exists.



Agreeable_Squash 1

I am starting a service that offers pickup, washing, and cleaning of laundry. For the non subscription portion, we price the service by weight.

What is the best way to collect payment from people for this type of service? We may never even see some of our customers as we usually drop it off contactless. Is there a way to send quick invoices or maybe just bill these customers and send a receipt? I currently have a Wix website and am not sure if they offer some plugin that accomplishes this. If anyone has an idea that would be greatly appreciated. I am in Canada for reference.

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How would one get customers that are online store sellers? I've cold emailed some stores but I didn't get a response. Is it best to call them or email them?

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I'm working on creating a new programming language. I've found a way to make a programming language that is faster than C++ (or at least normal C++) yet as easy to write as Java or Python, maybe easier. I have a lot of experience with programming and know what I want to build. I have found investors.. but one of their conditions is they want me to find a business partner.. any ideas on how I can find someone who would be a good business partner for this venture?

who_am_i_to_judge_ 1

I'm in the process of building a mobile app (like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hand, in case that's relevant) and am reaching a point where I'll likely start to incur costs (logo design, landing page test, outsourcing parts of development, etc.) Does it make sense to incorporate or start an LLC to write off costs, and if so when is a good time to do that? Thanks in advance!

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I had deactivated Facebook and Instagram, but had to reopen the account for marketing related works. When it's installed on my phone, I constantly find myself opening and scrolling Facebook and Instagram without thinking for a few minutes throughout the day, and I understand it's an endless abyss of posts and recommendations for a lot of people.
There are some uses to it but I think we could be a lot more productive if you just use it to serve a purpose than just thoughtlessly scrolling on whatever's shown on the screen.
So what do you feel about an app that shows content from Facebook/Social media, but only for the topics you selected without recommendations and ads? You could use Facebook/Insta for posting but you could replace your urge to open FB/Insta by opening this app instead and see only the content you choose to see. Do you think this app could work?

TheCobbinster 1

Just want to make some small money with small effort. I wanna make like 50€ a week. Anyone have any ideas I could look in to?

mczarnek 1

I'd suggest looking into affiliate programs or drop shipping. At the end of the day, for any entrepreneurial venture, you need to find something to sell that people will want to buy and a way to get that product in front of those people.

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Hello everyone,

Where can I get an LLC valuation?

I am a LC Sole Proprietor and need a simple valuation for tax purposes in another country.


SunWheezy 1

So I've been thinking of building peoples PCs for them, the building fee being 100$. How would I go about starting this? I'm a complete beginner with marketing and stuff so if you have any helpful tips itd be appreciated.

samvanlandeghem 1

Honestly no one is going to pay you as an individual just for building. I would suggest finding a way to source components so that people can clearly custom order from you. Building computers also isn't rocket science so maybe targetting a specific client base might actually yield more sales. Some examples; in car computer systems or recreational pc builds inside large trucks for gamers on the road. Making esthetical clean towers for professionals, pc's tailored for graphic works ea with steong graphic cards and perhaps certain drivers/programs pre-installed.

Tldr; be more specific- find a Niche within your industry and go all out to give them quality

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Is quickbooks necessary with shopify?

I have no employees, only myself, and my main concern is just doing my taxes right!! I am not high volume, as what I sell is handmade and in limited runs. Thanks.

RMJoey 2

You don't have to worry about doing your taxes right if you are keeping track of your books. Separate personal/business transactions and leave the end of year statement to a professional, costs a few hundred a tax season at most.

Learn basic double entry, set up trial balances, and start journalizing entries and maintaining a balance statement general ledger. Not that you need to right now, but if you get into a good habit of book keeping you will never have an issue when/if you scale. Learning basic accounting is also a great life skill.

ExtraSpicyKimchi 1

Thank you for the vote of confidence! One of the first things I did was set up a totally separate checking account. I have an accordion folder labeled so that I can keep invoices of orders in progress, fulfilled/complete orders, shipping receipts, materials receipts (the stuff I use to make my product) , miscellaneous receipts for office stuff/shipping supplies etc, and a section that has my licensing paperwork/stuff from the government.

I will secure my various receipts by month with a paperclip and just stick them in the accordion folder.

I've never had a big problem staying organized. My concerns are more about not filling out things I'm supposed to and stuff like that. I'm in Nevada and a few minutes ago, received an email from the state department of taxation that sent a link to their website that has pretty clear cut directions.

I think I'm just nervous about effing it up. I'm not a big business, but I worked really hard to get this thing going in the right direction. I'm probably overthinking everything, but better to ask and seek advice from people who have experienced this themselves!

Gibbinthegremlin 2

No its not really needed as shopify can easly print out reports even on the basic plan, I always tell people to stay on the basic plan until they are doing at least 2k a month then consider if the plus plan is right for you.

ExtraSpicyKimchi 1

Thanks. Do you have any idea if shopify lite is the same as basic, just without making your website via shopify? I feel like they are very vague when trying to find the answer to this question.

Gibbinthegremlin 1

Its basicly that is the concept of lite. I have never used it but i do believe that is the case. You are basically using them as a gateway payment. I dont really see the point in lite myself

ExtraSpicyKimchi 2

And thus we circle back to the whole me not wanting to f my taxes up 😅.... gotta make sure I account for the right taxes and things so Uncle Sam doesn't get pissed.

Gibbinthegremlin 2

Let me ask a shopify help desk and will get back to you asap

ExtraSpicyKimchi 1

Awesome leatherwork btw!

Gibbinthegremlin 2

the basic answer is yes it will print out reports and what not just check out the link

Gibbinthegremlin 2

Ok the answer to the question (thanks to support) is right there at this link

ExtraSpicyKimchi 2


Thank you so much! And I know what you mean about expensive hobby, although I just work with regular fabrics. Today, I left the quilting store with a full bag of fabric and lighter wallet.

Gibbinthegremlin 2

We are all in this together if you have any other questions on shopify let me know as i build sites and run one store currently off of shopify

Gibbinthegremlin 2

Thanks for now it is considered an expensive hobby non taxable lol

ExtraSpicyKimchi 1

Thank you! I really appreciate this. Without signing up for an account, finding the answer to this question has seemed impossible.

Gibbinthegremlin 2

It can be a pain in the ass lol and since you do have the website up if shopify lite doesnt provide the reports i would look into setting up a stripe account and then get quick books or another accounting software

ExtraSpicyKimchi 2

If I didnt already have a hosted .com set up, I would have just gone with the basic shopify. I originally used my .com as more of a gallery, but I'm in a position where having an online purchase option would be beneficial. I basically don't want to give up the money and time I've put into this hosted site.

Gibbinthegremlin 1

Then it would be a goid choice for you

Austiniuliano 3

One, seperate your expenses. have a business bank account and a personal account. Send all business transactions money in and money out through your business bank account. At the end of the month, you can pay yourself out. Also read the book profit first

ExtraSpicyKimchi 1

If you have any other reading material to suggest, please do so. I like having info to refer back to instead of just browsing the internet. Although, that has also proved useful :)

ExtraSpicyKimchi 2

Already have a separate account and will purchase this book. Thanks.

Austiniuliano 1

I need a fun and interesting pitch for a unicorn website to send to authority blogs. Anyone got some ideas?

wellandr 1

Use block chain and AI to self build open-source start-up?

misterhubbard44 1

Sorry. Fresh out.

Suberv 1

I am competing in a tech start up competition. Should I file a patent for my idea?

Austiniuliano 1

Yes and trademark too. It takes like 9 months.

GivMeLiberty 2

>market the sales people who are using these tools or any other tools like these.

I work at an IP law firm (law clerk, not attorney) and just wanted to chip in. If you're going to trademark anything, do it yourself on USPTO website. Sucks that it costs \~$200, but all the third-party "we'll trademark it for you" sites/law firms just charge a service fee on top of the regular USPTO fees (usually they hide it in the fine print). There are plenty of YT videos that explain how to do it, its super easy.

If you ever find yourself with IP troubles shoot me a PM.

misterhubbard44 2

No. Patents are expensive, time consuming, and easy to work around. The best way to protect intellectual property is to build a company around it, and make them chase you! Make it easier to aquire you than compete against you.

DuchessCDM 2

Yes! Of course! Protect your ideas ASAP. Make sure others don’t run off and buy it themselves and screw you over. Buy relevant domains so others don’t do it when they see your idea. Evil people do that, and try to sell you the name at an inflated value.

Suberv 2

Thank you so much!

devildaniii 1

I have a SaaS product that is production-ready and already deployed. I have very less user base (more free trial accounts). I am wondering how to proceed and market the product. Any suggestion?

misterhubbard44 1

Well, you have free users. How did you get them?

devildaniii 1

Me and couple of friends started this so through our connections we have got a few free users. We have been taking feedback from for improving the product for past couple of months. Now we think it is ready for more users and competition.

Cateotu 1

What market is it for? I think if we had more details on what it does then some ideas can be tossed out on how to it.

devildaniii 1

It is basically a cold emailing tool, where you can send emails and schedule them which will automatically send them to your prospects. It is basically like a few tools out there Mailshake, woodpecker, saleshandy etc.

I would probably call the market the sales people who are using these tools or any other tools like these.

VirginBall 2

I was wondering what kind of (online) business I could start? I’m just a kid in high school without any teachable skills as far as i’m concerned. I say (online) business because I go to school away from hometown and would like to continue to earn money when i’m at school, not just during the summer when i’m back home, but if anyone has an idea for something I could do in town, don’t hold back.

tommytucker7182 1

Its good your hungry and driven to work but some life experience on someone else's tab wouldn't do you any harm.

Austiniuliano 7

Don't worry about starting a business. Go work for someone and learn various skills while being paid. If you have no skills you have no real value. Don't worry though, you are young so work hard and learn.

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inatot101 3

Can I ask for any ideas and suggestions for a potential business venture, we are researching products for our school performance task. I am very grateful for the people who would reply. Thank youuuuuu

Kyerswa 1

If you’re asking for ideas of business ventures that are practical, I recently started a flooring company, and entered a market that is incredibly in demand, and under saturated with contractors. Just about every skilled trade offers amazing opportunities for new business ventures.

Kyerswa 1

I’m not honestly sure what your question is asking. Can you please rephrase if possible?