Offering a free management consulting service

by 16thCenturyLass. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    4


I'm a professional Project Coordinator and Business Consulting Agent with +5 years of experience within multiple companies and startups (including 2 Fortune 500 companies).

I've served over 80 clients since I started my remote work and I've seen hundreds of processes, projects and management tools, and helped solving the most challenging issues.

I'm offering a free 30min to 1h consultation to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the workload, the business issues or simply in need of a professional to show him a better way to make it.

I'll have to understand your business first, and then we can schedule our consultation call over skype.

In exchange, you can either offer me a recommendation letter, a simple certificate of consulting service, or just an endorsement on Linkedin, or maybe nothing at all :) It's not mandatory.

Note : I speak French and English. My English isn't great, but my communication is fluent.


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I am interested!

  16thCenturyLass 1

You can PM me with your business issue and description

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Would be really interested in this :)

  16thCenturyLass 1

pm when you can. I have an issue on my reddit account regarding messaging. I'll answer whenever it works.