Opening a business in US with no residency/citizenship

by Assassiner003. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    2    2

I’m from Iraq and work as a freelance online; but many times after I finish a commission the client struggles to find a method of sending the payment through since my bank account isn’t recognized by many, and services like Paypal and Transferwise don’t operate here, which often led them to just buy gift cards and send that. I’m now considering opening a small business elsewhere and connecting it to a bank account there, is this possible from where I live? I’ve looked into northwestern registered agent but not sure if they’ll suffice. Thanks in advance


stasik5 1

Try Stripe. If it's supported in your country that is. I'm also not from US, but can even charge cards of my US customers directly through Stripe. You do need to have a local company set up in your country with the proper papers to get verified though.

flamey 1

well, that's easy to check on the front page of Stripe -- only handful of countries are supported, pretty much - EU + UK with it's former colonies.