Our 3 Month Food Blog Experience Thus Far - Any Insight / Feedback Appreciated

by letmethinkabit. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    2    11

My girlfriend has decided to start her own keto food blog, and has been pouring her soul into making it work. It's been 3 months since it's inception, and as of this point she has made 39 posts and has had a total of \~900 users.

I'm really proud of her efforts, she's a teacher and now plans to manage teaching during the day, and making recipes & blogging whenever else she can.

As I'm somewhat versed in web development, I've tried my best help out, by making the site as easy to use as possible, as enticing as possible, and by checking all the right boxes I can identify, though honestly would really appreciate any insight / feedback that would help increase her users.

Things We're Doing:

SEO - She identifies low hanging long tail keywords (10-100 searches / Low competition in Google Keyword Planner), and uses it as the basis for her posts, though with how competitive / saturated this space is, we've only seen about 6 clicks from google over this 3 month timespan (may be attributed to the google's sand box period).

Stunning Pictures - She does her best to take good pictures of the food - I'll admit sometimes I make this difficult by eating the food pre photo shoot. But please note, I risk my life to do so.

Bilingual - Her first language is Spanish, so she's been making English and Spanish posts for each of her recipes

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook - She posts on instagram religiously, somewhat on pinterest & facebook. We've gained most of our users from these posts - as google isn't really bringing in users. No paid advertisement was utilized thus far.

Newsletter - She created a PDF with helpful information and asks users for their email for more freebies and content updates. We only have a couple subscribers thus far.

Accessible Internal Linking - Users see new content on the top navigation when scrolling up, potentially compelling them to click

Things I Think We Should Do Next:

Keep making content - Content is King, right? The only thing that worries me is that Google isn't really pushing our content as much as I had hoped. Though also thinking about the following (below)

Guest Posting / Collaborations - She doesn't really have any backlinks, while other sites seem to have a ton of it

Putting Newsletter Signup In Accessible Place - leading to more newsletter signups

Wait on Incorporating More Ads - basis is we should focus on gathering a crowd before diving into this

Push Notifications

Other / Different Things We Should Do Next?

Her dream is to be able to make this work as a business, even if it amounts to half of her current revenue. I'm doing my best to help her though would really appreciate any advice.

Here's a link to her site - https://www.moresweetthansalty.com/

Thank for reading this far :)


procrux 1

Definately read up on pinterest and take full advantage of rich pins and the pinterest game. I would find ways to "package" her recipes into blog posts. E.g. "top 5 fall keto recipes". And then create a pin. Focus on getting her pinterest followers up.

I just love pinterest for food bloggers because its evergreen content. People will share her pins around and around. Whereas, instagram posts fall by the wayside quickly.

Agree with earlier commentor about the popup. I couldnt find the X the first time and so I bounced quickly. Not sure if you're baiting the popup, but you should have a great lead magnet and be nurturing what visitors you do have very carefully. 100 true fans will bring you way more profit than 10,000 passerbys.

Keep an eye on hot trends and take advantage of it. Not just pumpkin spice in fall. More like this - https://www.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/news/2017/06/someone-has-made-an-edible-fidget-spinner which made it on television.

  letmethinkabit 2

Hey appreciate the indepth reply!

Coincidentally she's actually trying to be more pinterest popular/relevant by joining boards and posting daily. Will definitely suggest that she incorporate some top and best packages.

In regards to the popup, seems there's some type of issue with the X on Android, since this isn't occurring on IOS. After the previous comment I made the popup show after 30 seconds rather than after 5 seconds, however maybe we should make it display after X pageviews? Truthfully we wanted the value to be showcased/provided upfront, and thereby encourage users to subscribe, but maybe in order for a popup to be more than just a where-do-I-close-this-thing object, the user needs to be more comfortable/familiar first?

Thanks for the advice :)

procrux 2

That must be it! I'm on android. Let me look at the popup again. My first thought when it came up was kinda like, "woah what's this, where am I suppose to be looking." Tbh it felt so overwhelming I didnt even read it. Just looked for the x.

procrux 2

Oh it's not popping up now. Well, just make sure its clean-looking. Think, a more solid background, and make the one or two objects that stick out exactly where you want them to look. That might be the offer, or a button.

Great looking site! She takes amazing pictures!! (If she doesnt want to blog, I think theres a career in product photography here. 😉) I just finished a website and some coaching for a Food Network Chef, and your girlfriend's content is totally on par.


  letmethinkabit 2

Wow thank you so much! You made both are days :)

Also thanks for the insight in regards to the popup! Sometimes we try so hard to make something look as sleek and as good as possible and end up to close to see the big picture (conversion). So your feedback really helps!

Making a food network chef's blog is a big deal! I'm just a web dev and programmer trying to leverage my somewhat limited UX eye, If you have any other pointers I'm all ears :)


Mrktbloom 1

I think that the food niche is very popular on Instagram, so it's great that your wife is running a profile there. I would advise doing cross-marketing with other food bloggers, so they will mention you and you'll mention them. It would be the best and easiest way to monetize the Instagram account later, so I think your wife should try her best to grow the audience there.

  letmethinkabit 1

Will absolutely encourage her to continue instagraming and try collaborating with others. Thanks for the advice :)

FoodieMike 1

Just so you know...this is one of the most competitive niches on the net. Every SAHM since 2005 has had dreams of being a food blogger. Some found success, but for everyone, there’s a thousand forlorn and abandoned blogs with a last post of 2010.

And then there’s the massive media companies that are in this space...

Also, that pop up on mobile is horrendous. The close mark is tiny. Your going to get more bounce back to the serps than any signups or time on site.

And why would I sign up? I haven’t even seen any content. Make that shit pop up 2/3rds of the way down a page if you are going to have it.

Personally, I run no popups.

  letmethinkabit 1

Hey thanks for the feedback!

Truthfully I agree. This niche really is very saturated,. We've acknowledged the fact that this will be an uphill battle. That massive amount of work will be needed before we see any type of adequate return...

Despite this we want to keep preserving, and hopefully eventually have a moderate amount of users to help provide some support.

Other than switching niches, anything you would recommend?

Thank you!

FoodieMike 1

I might be able to recommend a few things. Will reply tomorrow. It’s 1:30 AM in my time zone.

  letmethinkabit 2

Okay great! Thank you :)