Our landlords have stopped responding to emails. Not sure what to do next

by covidcasualty. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    8    11

We were initially in talks about our current lease situation. Due to covid, we are unable to make full payments. The agreed terms had been to defer to lower payments: 25% for Apr, May,- 50% for June, July, Aug, 75% Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec. And then Pay back the deferred amount over 2021. With how things are going, there's no way we can do that now. So in July we were speaking with them trying to explain that things were not getting better. They said they would revisit the matter in December. We responded that we don't think we'll make it until December, and then they stopped responding. I've sent them two emails since, with no response. Wondering what to do now




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Many small businesses are forced shut by the government check California


I remember, I was working there when it shut down. I am currently in Phoenix for work I didn't realize businesses were still shut down. What a sad situation. Perspective is everything.


call, fax and send certified letters. document and copy every thing carefully in case need for legal reasons.

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they are likely holding out hope that the government will come off with another stimulus package and you will be able to meet your obligation to them. Unless you are in a hot rental market....who is right now?....they have little choice but to wait it out...I mean IF you come up with money they are better off than if they dont have you racking up debt. Or they may be intending to evict you and sue for back rents as soon as the courts allow. Their silence treatment is best addressed like a grade school child....send them a note Do you like us Check Yes or NO by registered mail....not literally that note but you get the premise.....be aware that may force their hand and boot in the wrong direction. Good luck!

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Have your landlords been able to pay their mortgage?

They may be discussing with the bank for financing, or a Realtor to sell the property, or a lawyer to weigh their legal options. Silence may mean that they are looking into those alternatives, and can't commit to anything yet in writing or verbally until they decide how to proceed.

When there's a monthly transfer of payment then there's an underlying agreement that rent has been collected, so if you're transferring 25% each month it would be harder to evict you than if $0 was transferred. So they may prefer receiving $0 to evict you sooner, maybe in December if in October-November no money was transferred.

I'm not sure what the covid relief laws are for tenants are in your area, you may want to inform yourself if you haven't already. They may have agreed to 25% simply because they had no choice, and they want to wait to see if it expires by December.

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Call them. You might be perfectly comfortable with email but they may not. It is much easier to communicate your situation in a conversation on the phone.

Your landlord probably got your email and said "arrrgg, not another one. I will just deal with this later. " Then they went on to fighting their own priority battles and forgot. You might not be their top priority.