OUTSOURCING How do you manage your Freelancers / Virtual Assistants?

by one_jr. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    3

Here's my method and some issues:


I commission a lot of work on Fiverr, most of it being repeat orders. Needless to say, the platform is not the best setup for such repeat orders or even project tracking beyond a simple doing/done for the one ordered task.

To manage the freelancers I have hacked together a system which is constantly evolving and currently looks as follows:

- Trello for project definition and task management

- Fiverr for freelancer search and task awards e.g. scrape 100 entries

- Fiverr for communications with the freelancer

- Google Calendar to remind me of task due dates and need to schedule and award subsequent recurring tasks

- Google Sheets and Airtable for the freelancer to update with record of what he/she has done

- Fiverr for payments

- Fiverr for awarding subsequent/continued project tasks to the same freelancer e.g. scrape the next 100 entries


The above system works though leaves a lot to be desired. Off the top of my head, here's my top 3 annoyances:


  1. Not set up for recurring orders or ongoing collaboration
  2. No easy, simple way to create projects and repeat tasks - and link payments to milestones etc
  3. Manual onboarding of every new freelancer / virtual assistant (templates for this are now fairly well established but can still be a pain)


So question - how do you manage your freelancers / virtual assistants?



A SaaS idea is brewing in my head...


Indigo-Shade 1

Seriously sounds like you need a professional organizer to customize a system for you.

Fiverr - Recruit, Hire and Pay

Project Management Site with good Google Suite integration:

  • Task Due Dates
  • Task Assignments
  • Task Tracking
  • Task Reporting
  • Task Reminders
  • Recurring Task
  • Easy Task / Project Templates
  • Freelancer Training
  • Freelancer Onboarding

    Google Suite for general Calendar and File Storage

    Am amazed your using Airtable for task reporting. Ditto with Google Sheets. Lots of PM sites that are cheap / free. Trello sucks at recurring, templates, and reminders.

    I seriously suggest you hire a consultant to set up the above for you, in a way that works well for your business, whatever that is.
quiet_repub 1

You need an operations manager or to move to longer term contracts with your best freelancers.

_kennylofton 1

I think it might be time for vertical integration