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by itsjustbusiness99. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1    7

I'm looking to start my own painting business. The only trouble is getting myself out there. What's the best method for getting my company name out there?

Newspaper? Castanet? Car decals?

If anybody could pitch me an idea for how to advertise in a cost effective Manor that would he helpful. Thank you


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My generation (35) and under are going to head straight to google over anything else.

SEO is a bloody minefield but it is worth looking into, setting up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts for yourself and posting fairly regularly on there.

Join each online business directory you can also, as it is another link back to your website. I pay Yell (£30) a month for a priority listing for my website ( I barely get any traffic from them but it did massively help my google placing when I was starting out.

You can check your links to your website (And you rivals) for free with this website if you see a directory a rival is on, copy it.

Facebook advertising might also be worth looking into as you can target people looking for certain keywords, areas etc

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The internet really is a powerful tool now. I suppose I should do my best to take advantage of that

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What are you painting? Commercial, residential, art, cars? All will have different approaches. I'm assuming your commercial or residential.

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You guessed correctly. Residential.

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Then I think the comments about nextdoor etc. are good. I also think there's some merit in just leaving flyers. I mean people do it all the time here and most people will say they hate it but god damn when I need something and that flyer is there I'll call them.

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Nextdoor, Home Advisor etc. to start and get reviews.

Meanwhile focus on local SEO and Paid Ads for long-term success. Within one year you should be able to take page 1 results for moderate-competitive keywords using local SEO techniques. From there it's going to be a matter of if other painting companies are doing it as well (they usually aren't.)

Paid Ads are tricky but probably worth it for you. Basically the trick is getting your conversion rates up, which comes from having a great website with great reviews.

Say 20 people click, at $2.50 a click. Out of these 20 people, maybe 2 submit a web-lead and only one actually converts for a small interior paint job at $700 profit. You might have spent $50 to get that lead, but you made a profit of $650 on it, meaning the click was definitely worth it.

Paid Ads can be risky though, if you don't know what you're doing. However, once you get it down it's a pretty consistent way to generate business, especially for trades.

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