Part 2: First customer meeting. What to discuss, how to proceed, how to engage him?

by vidukriss. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    3    8

In my last post everyone advice me to talk to the customers to listen to their problem instead of developing an MVP. I now got a customer who is willing to talk for 15 mins and who is a decision maker. I have only an idea and all I want to do is to listen to their problem and I am not bothered about giving them a solution (i can ask for what you think if you have a solution like my Idea). But this is my first ever sales/business perspective discussion(All I had only technical discussions). I am bit nervous, i am confused how to start, what to ask. How was your first experience? How did you manage? What advice you can give to a tech-guy- who-doesnt-have-salesMarketing-skills?


TyEnkil 1

Check out Currently reading. Should help with sales.

tengable 1

I have no idea, but I'm going to be facing some these same issues soon.

I hope you post updates about what you did and how it went!?

lowguns3 2

Check out The Challenger Sale method as soon as you can.

People don't generally like having to spell out their problem, and when they do, they take you less seriously as a solution provider.

The Challenger Sale technique provides examples of what customers respond really well to - assertive, educational sales people. Even ones that may disagree with them or make them think.

Customers like that more because they see their problem actually getting solved.

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Absolutely great advice. I had many YouTube videos. Great . Thanks

EvolvingMedia 2

Make sure you hone in on what the customer wants and try to make sure you allow for the customer to express their concerns. Then key on that emotion

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Just focus the meeting around them - people love to talk about themselves! Be yourself, keep it casual and make general conversation don’t be salesy/pushy just keep it natural, liking you as a person is the first step, the idea comes second.

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Thank you. Do I need to show him some presentation? I dont have one now.

MaxPast 2

A great advice!
I would just add that the true goal of the first meeting is to make right first impression so that you can talk to this person again and again :)