Patent application for under 30s in the UK

by N-V-J. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    6    6

Hi r/business I’ve researched a few topics relating to patents that I would like your opinions on pls: I think I’ve spotted a gap in the market for a product and would like to apply for a patent (pending a search on the patent database). I’m aware of the success rate being exceptionally low if I were to make a private application, as opposed to applying through a Patent Attorney, so I am leaning towards hiring a professional.

What I’d like to know is if anybody from this sub has been successful in their application? If so, do you have any tips you could share pls? And finally, is there any additional support available for young entrepreneurs that are hoping to make an application (I’m 27)?


johnyma22 2

Yea I have been successful in the UK and USA, Because this is your first rodeo; hire an awesome IP specialist attorney who will do all of the hard work for you :)

You will still put a lot of time and effort in, drafting, re-drafting but they will cut that process down a huge amount and will provide insight and experience that you will not have without investing time in studying the expertise.

It boils down to what you value your time at. If you have the spare time and have the interest in IP law then go and study it and put something together that you think merits an application. If you however feel your time is best spent developing your product or building your revenue then spend your time doing that and leave the attorneys to do what they are trained to do.

  N-V-J 1

Thanks johnyma22 for getting in touch. For me time is not an issue because I’ve got plenty of it but it’s the fact that I could learn the patent process myself and still not be granted one because of my lack of experience in the field. So if I’m going to apply for it then I’ll apply for it through the top professionals, as you recommended.

As for developing the products, I’ve got an idea of the overall design and the general functionality of it but that is also something which I’ll need to outsource, possibly to a Chinese firm. For the time being though, my focus is solely on the first challenge.

farox 2

From a professional that earns his money in that field I was told that patent attorneys aren't worth it. You still need to figure this out and they can charge 10s of thousands.

That being said, when I was in the situation I went with a professional, at least to get help with the first one. (Which didn't happen in the end, nothing to do with attorney or no)

But yeah, look into the whole thing yourself, what the timelines are, when you're protected from what, etc.

  N-V-J 1

Thanks for your reply. I’ve researched it to the extent where I know it’s going to be costly and take many years to be granted (if it’s granted at all because the success rate even with Attorneys is only around 33%). What I’m really focusing on now is the additional support for young entrepreneurs that are looking to go through the patent process because I don’t have a legal background, so applying privately isn’t the favourable option. And as you said, it’s going to cost potentially 10’s of thousands, so I don’t want to needlessly waste money when it’s not necessary.

farox 2

So, if you do it yourself it's much cheaper. You can also write some attorneys and ask for guidance and prices. They might just consult for small bucks and you do the filing. It's all negociable after all.

As for protection, you should be protected much much quicker.

Also, look into the other patents, like EU wide etc. It might make sense to go directly for one of those.

  N-V-J 1

It’s 10’s of thousands cheaper but you get what you paid for, i.e. almost guaranteed failure of the application. As we have such a fantastic network of support in our country, especially for young entrepreneurs, I’m sure some help is available from organisations or Trusts. So only once I’ve exhausted the list I’ll look into other means.

The majority of Attorneys offer a free one hour consultation, which I‘m planning to make use of in the future and then I can see if they have any alternate routes for the application such as the one you mention.

Ideally I would want to apply for EU wide patents at the same time but I fear I may be restricted by budget, so I’ll need to look into the costs before I think about other locations. Thanks again for your input.