Peer Support and Self Management Saturday’s - A Safe Place to Vent, Seek Emotional Support, Share Self Management Techniques and Experiences, or Just Rant

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Welcome to this week’s Peer Support and Self Management Thread.

This is a Safe Place to Vent, Seek Emotional Support, Share Self Management Techniques and Experiences, or Just Rant.

The goal for this thread is to help one another manage mental and physical health so we can more easily find success.

We all struggle sometimes and it is important to recognize that the struggle is part of the journey. The important thing is to learn how to overcome that adversity to grow and succeed.

Be tactful and classy in how you vent your feelings and share your frustrations. Act in a mature manner.

Ask questions, share experiences, and be there for one another. Practice empathy in giving advice and remember that what worked for you isn’t guaranteed to work for others. Make suggestions, not demands of others.

Because this is meant to be a safe place to support emotional and physical health there is a zero tolerance policy in effect. Be KIND. Be sure to report any conduct that is in violation of that key tenet.

You can also find more support using instant chat on the /r/startups discord.


AggravatedAndroid 3

Struggling to figure out project and time management as my projects get bigger, more complex, and more ambiguous. While I enjoy a certain amount of variety and uncertainty, it's getting overwhelming. Plus, my energy levels have been really low for a while and dealing with a lot of other anxiety between fires (PNW) and not having the output I'm expecting. Trying to find a way forward that supports my mental health and allows me to schedule/plan work out months ahead of time. I'm sure the solution is something simple or it's my own doing, and just wanted to vent my frustration and overwhelm.

MaxPast 2

When I experience that, I usually take a break for a day or two. It's just a burnout.

What also helps me is to listen to business podcasts (Mixergy, Nathan Latka, etc.) in background all day long - it brings a feeling of the crowd, a feeling of connection to other entrepreneurs, as well as fresh ideas. I noticed that whenever I stop listening to podcasts, I eventually lose steam.

woowithme 3

don’t let the negative comments get in your head .. those people are just exposing themselves .. haters gunna hate ..

on the flip side, when someone shows love in any way be sure to appreciate the hell out of them even by saying a simple thank you and acknowledging them goes a long way.

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