People flipping stuff in Europe?

by mstheze7. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    8    7

Are there people here making money flipping in Europe? Flipping seems very popular in the US but less in Europe.


BurdenofPain 1

No it is very popular, but internationally. Flip Western to Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe to Middle East, etc.

samvanlandeghem 1

Whats being flipped feom western to eastern Europe?

BurdenofPain 1

Buy something in Western Europe at a discounted price and sell it in Eastern Europe. The difference in the purchasing power parity will garner an automatic profit.

It's a huge business.

rjc33020 1

That's new news to me. I actually had an encounter with one a few days ago. I did not know it was as popular in the U.S than in other countries

oglocsir 1

Well if you kind of count uk in there then yeah I do it

noob-dev 2

yea flippin my shit

Dave3of5 2

Yes loads of people flipping. If you mean picking up stuff in yard sales and selling on eBay that is less popular but still happens.

For example in the UK picking up stuff from car boot sales won't make you anywhere near the money that you see in these youtube videos in America.

There is even a show about it Bargain Hunt.