Phasing out old email accounts- Best Practices

by DianaInTheWoods. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    3    3

Hi all you entrepreneurs! I've got an interesting business question and need some advice on best practices. I'm a business of one who currently does web design and design work for other small businesses.

I've got a client who had a small handful of email accounts created years ago under an old domain that forwards to the new "official" domain for the site. We are creating new GSuite accounts under the "official" domain while we are also getting new hosting for it (their provider is no longer providing the service, so it's a good time for change).

To save them money after we get it all set up and data migrated, I'd like to eventually phase out the old email account and remove it. Both domains are owned under GoDaddy, but they're paying $100/year for the email account on the old domain that they no longer want. It was super confusing to figure out at first, because their original web person bought a hosting plan just for the emails and now they're just paying extra. Trying to streamline all their accounts from 4-5 accounts to 2 for efficiency on my end and economy on theirs, especially since they're no longer interested in using the old domain except for forwarding.

I want to give old vendors enough lead time to get the addresses updated in their contacts. How long would you suggest? 60 days? 90 days? This isn't about data migration, but rather someone trying to contact the old email later this year. These are administrative-behind-the-scenes accounts (HR, AP, etc) not widely advertised on their site and forwarding would only last as long as the old account is active. Thanks!


cruisemaniac 1

You can always alias / Forward the old email accounts to new ones you're setting up in GSuite. It should not be a complex task.

With that setup, you can lose the email hosting and manage just the DNS for the emails for a period while the end customers are told to switch to the new email ID.

Eventually, you can lose the old email as well.

shittyCEO 2

Can you bring the domains to Gsuite and add aliases to the main account? Should only cost the annual domain fee. That's what I did with M365. So info@biz2 info@biz3 info@biz4 all went to info@biz1.

  DianaInTheWoods 1

Oh good idea, thank you! I can add domain aliases for now--- they do want to eventually phase out that old domain completely, so we'll have to decide on the timing for that.