Please help me with a Business Partnership Separation and Release Agreement for an uncontested separation.

by BrownieSampler. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    0    3

Long story short is during the pandemic I created a Multimember LLC. and stupidly put my now ex girlfriend as co-owner of the company (49%). Our relationship turned sour shortly after and she has willingly removed herself from anything to do with the business.

There is no investments, debts nor profits to divide up, she is owed nothing and acknowledges that . I just need to submit another Operating agreement to Switch from a multimember LLC to a Solo but where I need your help is:

Can somebody please help me find a basic Business Partnership Separation and Release Agreement for me to send to her to sign proving her agreement to willingly leave the company and release me from any obligations anything owed to her (which their are none)

Thank you for the help guys!


hereforthekix 1

Contact a lawyer

jetah 3

Don't fuck around, get a lawyer.