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by stibbles1000. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    2

Hey everyone,

I have a few small businesses I work with that required a PO System as their existing accounting system they either wanted to limit access to - or it didn't offer the PO functionality they required.

It has basic workflow:

- staff creates a pending po

- add internal notes

- higher staff can approve

- email it out via the system

- receive mailbox alert if it was received

- save/store your unlimited number of PO's


To be clear, this isn't public yet, but if there is interest then I would expand it out and do some extra cleanup for use. Would this be something you could use?


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I'm not sure if this is a perfect fit for what you're looking for, but my company has recently launched a SaaS product that may fit the bill. It is designed for manufacturing companies, but is fairly versatile and may fit whatever business you are running.

Take a look at getofftheshelf.com. It allows any number of employees to access the system, generate purchase orders based on parts missing from pending orders. Managers or higher-ups can then approve and process those orders in whatever outside system you are using.

You'll also be able to receive and track inventory once the order is received from your vendor.

I may not have done a great job of explaining how it might help, but check out the website and feel free to DM me to talk further if you think it might be a good fit.

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Sorry, I realize my original post wasn’t clear. This is an app I made and am wondering if it might help others. 😊