(Popcorn) seasonings? Canadian friends

by iamabnoy. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    4

Hi hi! I have a business in mind that requires different seasoning just like what Kernels Popcorns flavors over. I have (popcorn) because my product wouldnt be popcorn, just kinda the same idea..

So, im looking for a place to buy them (wholesaler) who has a variety of different seasonings.. like Thai, Habanero, seaweeds flavor? Does anybody know where I can get?

I tried checking GFS and Sysco, but i dont have an acct, so didnt really find anything..

Im located in Saskatchewan. If that matters.. lol



UncleFishKiller 1


Spices are light enough that you can have them shipped relatively cheap.

chickenroads 1

There is a place in Memphis rn that does seasonings I can't remember their name but maybe you can find them that way.

  iamabnoy 1

Quite far from where i live, but ill check. Thanks!!

chickenroads 2

If you google contract manufacturing in whatever location I am sure you can find something.