Portable key chain-like device for smokers that enables the smoker to easily dispose of cig butts w/o littering. Ride the green money wave of sustainability.

by Illementary. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    1

My friend is an upper executive at a company that manufactures those portable lighter-holders on retractable strings. He asked me for feedback on something he can pitch at their annual “innovation ideas” meeting. I’m thinking of something like those Oval listerine spray containers that allows quick and clean and easy disposal of cig butts. Feedback?


gottamove_d 1

Well we can argue that smoking => polluting air, and you want smokers to then worry about reducing land pollution by proper disposal of butts.
Plus it would need a lot of awareness to push this idea through for general masses to adopt and consider carrying a tiny ash-tray with them.