Printing labels and packaging in small quantities

by JazzlikeAlbatross8. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    11

Hello all-

I’m starting a small massage skincare business (with different fragrances) and I’m in the test phase, so I want to create a few sample fragrances for my family and friends with professional labeling and packaging (so I can narrow the fragrances down from 8 to 4 based on their favorites). I also want to take professional pictures for my website.

The problem is, most online labeling companies want me to print a minimum of 50 labels. I have 8 fragrances so that will add up fast (8 x 50). Plus, I don’t need 50 of each at this time since 4 fragrances will eventually be discontinued based on favorites.

Any idea where I can print labels in smaller quantities pls? Thanks in advance!


poopsmee 1 has a minimum of 25 stickers, really nice quality. If you’re looking for something less than that, buy a pack of labels and print it yourself.

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Thanks everyone!

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100 blank shipping labels 8.5x11 about $30 at office depot. You can print and cut as desired.

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Purchase some label stock and run them through your own laser printer. You can print as many or as few as you need.

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Try moo. They have a couple different shapes/sizes and will allow you divide each quantity among your different designs (order 50 labels with 8 designs).

Cheap packaging can be found at uline and aliexpress.

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Do you have a computer and a printer? You can buy blank labels and print your own.

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Buy and print your own?

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I'm sure there are print shops that could print you an amount you want. But what I would suggest to you - don't test your products or ideas on friends and relatives. Show them to your potential target audience - only in such way you'll hear the truth and valuable comments and suggestions

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This is a good idea. Thank you