Product Sample Photos

by theemilyfromtexas. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    2    2

I've designed a product that will be available in 4 colors and 2 sizes. The samples that have been made for website photos are fewer than the number of variants available. For example, although I will be selling a big and small version in BLUE, my only sample in the color BLUE is small. Similarly, in a WHITE version, I only have a sample of the large. Do I have to request yet another sample shipment (and delay my website launch) or can I roll with the limited samples as-is so long as I have clear photos of small bags and big bags (irrespective of color)?

Overthinking this, aren't I?


lacadasical 1

Do you not have a stock on hand? If not, what happens when someone orders something and China (assuming here) can’t get it to you for another month.

I would have someone photoshop the colors/sizes now, but still order one of everything and send them off to a professional. Product photography is so cheap there is no reason to DIY or to skip on the professional.

ontheamtrak 6

Use Upwork or another freelancing site to hire some one to photoshop the color variations.