Project graveyard: Tell us about your dead or never finished projects

by hype_cycle. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    53    20

We see very cool new projects every day in this sub, but how about the ones that never see the light of day? Let's share them here!

I start:

Instead of just setting new years resolutions, I tried to help people setting regular goals by doing a self-reflection every 90 days in different parts of their lives. It then sent an automatic email after 90 days to repeat the cycle.

Why it died

It never gained real traction and the user experience was quite bad. In the end, I lost interest in it. However, I'm still using it for my personal improvement plan.


Hood-Guide was a crowdsourced map that shows you events in your neighborhood. I aggregated event-data from different sources like Meetup, Eventbrite etc. and displayed it on a nice and interactive map with filters for categories like parties, tech, theater etc.

Why it died

After the initial ProductHunt launch, traffic decreased very fast and as I was a student at that time, I had other priorities to work on.


Entrepreneur-X 1


I am still working on this, but I think this will be dead soon. As, I am still a student and I don’t have much money left to run this. The main idea behind Voxup is to crowdsource people problems which will help entrepreneurs to generate their next startup Idea.

The reason it is dying because there are less quality problems.

jeromesy 1

Brilliant Young Minds.

Where students all over compete against each other for free SAT course at any centre of their choices with pre-set questions.

This didn’t gain traction as i thought it to be.

originalname104 1

Art Compass

A website which enables people to see what art is on display and for sale in local cafes, restaurants, shops etc. Artists could create profiles and upload their art with the venue name and Google Maps api would handle the location aspect.

I never really marketed it (just didn't know how). And aside from getting a few artists to upload I was in that chicken egg situation where art buyers wouldn't visit without art for sale, and the artists wouldn't upload without customers.

That or it's just not a good idea.

sock2014 1

A marketing agency that does a lot of SEO and Local SEO could really run with this idea. Kee would be making it easy to hook into the restaurant and artist websites

WebDevMom 1

Back in college and just after, because of the frustrations with paying bills with roommates (I always had 1-3 roommates), I was developing a computer program to handle all of the nuances of that: bills split evenly or by percentage, roommates who paid certain things or whatever. It kept track of it all.

Why it died: I never finished it partially because it was the early 2000s and the thought of trying to distribute a computer program on my own was too overwhelming...

EntrepreNEWPodcast 1

My first startup! Still a project I'd love to finish, but I dont have the skills to do it and the chance of success is still slim. It was called Manhunt.

Basically, a new Augmented Reality Mobile Game. We wanted to ride off the hype of Pokemon Go, and make an AR App that would facilitate a game of Manhunt (Think a cross between Tag and Hide-and-go-Seek). We had big plans for it, lots of awesome ideas and believed it had lots of potential.

It died for multiple reasons. One was that me and my business partner moved away when we both went to college. The other is we were both business oriented, and couldn't design a game. We tried finding others to do it for us but nobody was committed enough. Finally, there was too much risk in the launch: What if nobody found it? How could we maintain hype for it to finally become a successful app? What if I spent thousands of hours working on it, only for it to get buried under the app store? Designing an app is one challenge, making it popular is a whole other world.

Would still love to make this become a reality, mostly for my own enjoyment.

Tambien 1

You should! I’d strongly recommend some of the web and app development coursera classes (or the multitude of free resources out there). I’m a heavily-business person myself and I’ve always been somewhat intimidated by the idea of doing this but in reality it’s not too hard as long as you’re willing to think systematically and put in the time to learn.

MikeBronson 2

My website about Google Analytics.
I took it down because i found out that I don't like to use my free time to talk about something I work with during my 9to5 job.

stumblingaxis 3

I have 2 multi vendor marketplaces right at the finish line but cannot get the final customisation over the line and my dev screwed me out of my budget. At this point I am willing to give away 50% of each site just to get a competent WooCommerce Dev onboard.

Sad state of affairs trying to build a saas without being a hardcore developer. I am literally at the finish line but need a customisation to go live. 2 niches I know well that cannot be supported by Amazon or Ebay.


JPaulMora 1

I’m a dev, got a Wordpress based agency. Let’s do this!!

Titan_Pallas 1

Message me and i will see if i can help

incredibleavacadoman 1

Never done WooCommerce but consider me your backup

Mojomoto93 4

Hafla (

Idea was to inspire you for stuff todo in your free time, got some initial traction but cant grow without putting much effort into marketing user base is on the decline right now. Any idea on how to grow?

thekermitsuicides 2

Reach out to self help blogs with a press kit

Mojomoto93 2

What do you mean by self help blogs?

Chabubu 8

Hotlinks - Summer 2008.

My friend and I built a website for taking snapshots of your favorite website pages and pinning it to a board that you could organize or share to others. Something else like that launched in 2009.. I think they called it pinterest.

O-Drive - Summer 2008

Sharing files and collaborating was also on our minds then, so O-drive was our file folder system that you could drop files into and provide permission based access to other users. Something similar also launched in summer 2008 called dropbox.


2 big ideas at the right time, but by people with not enough coding or development experience. We were unpaid startup founders, but paying our 3rd partner out of pockets to do the bulk of the development work since that was definitely the heavy lifting vs ux design and functionality.

Half way through the summer, our developer partner went MIA and quit responding to texts/calls/emails. He abruptly decided to get married and completely dropped the project, while also locking away access to everything we'd worked on throughout the summer. About 6 weeks later he sent us a portion of the money back that we had been paying him and apologized. I went off to college and we let the projects die...

JPaulMora 2

Rip. Sounds like you need better marketing lol

Chabubu 1

It died well before it was in a marketable position, due to inexperience and over reliance on individual partners to carry too much of the weight

technobass 11

EdTech Rentals.

Idea was to allow teachers or schools rent expensive equipment like coding robots and iPads that are only used for a few lessons instead of having to fork out a ton for the entire kit. Teachers would earn points by choosing to box and ship the equipment to the next teacher. Next teacher would give a rating on the condition that the equipment arrived to award points to the previous user. As the equipment became obsolete we would sell it at a reduced price for members.

It died because I didnt know if it would fly and it would take a substantial amount to get an inventory going.

BlazeSpliffington 12


It's not dead, but it's kinda dead. This was around 2010 and social media was blowing up. I had the idea to do the job of Animated Emojis (like the stuff you can do on iPhones) but have them deliver your statuses via channels. So you could separate work and friends and stuff and they would speak in their voice to deliver their news etc.

Why it died