Pros and Cons of purchasing an established carpet cleaning business?

by carmex03. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    1

I got my carpets cleared recently and after talking with the owner I found out he's looking to to retire and sell in a few years. He's been operating for roughly 30 years and really enjoys it. We live in a city with a population of 300k so I'm curious how well his company does. I make low six figures but it's a fairly stressful job and I spend a lot of time in a cubicle so the idea of quitting to pursue something like this sounds exciting. Would it be stupid to contact him and see if he'd let me work there, learn the ropes with the option to purchase when he wants to sell?


Rossim0 1

Not stupid at all, DO IT. It can change your life. Make sure you get an idea on profit and even if your profit or draw is lower than it is now for you, come up with ideas to expand, make more. Duct cleaning services, mold removal, things you can bolt onto the standard service. Think home services, not just carpet cleaning. ALSO, think about the marketing. This business WILL be more stressful than your job now. Can you see yourself doing all this?