Question about using the french word Femme in an english brand name.

by selflessrebel. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    2    6

I'm talking with a friend of mine who wants to start an English business/website. She came up with a brand name that starts with Femme. Since we aren't native english speakers we were wondering if it would be understood from the brand name alone that this business is targeted at women, by people who only speak english.


SpinBlade 2

Definitely. We know what 'femme' means, even those who don't know the source.

CleanAccount69 2

Should work well, the word association in American English is progressive pro-feminism...quite a large audience.

Sensible-Richard 3

Yup - Female, feminine, etc are all well known words.

In fact, except for femur, I'm not sure any other english words start with fem.

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  selflessrebel 2

Thank you!

chokeherface 5

Yes, it would work.

  selflessrebel 2

Thank you!