Quick 3PL Survey for E-Commerce/Dropshipping Stores

by gkcity21. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    2


I am running this survey to see what factors are most important to e-commerce/dropshipping store owners when selecting a 3PL/fulfillment center/warehouse.

Benefits to us and others
In addition to helping us better adjust our offering to give our customers the best possible service, we will post the anonymous survey rankings to help those looking to see what is important to others in 3PL selection.

Survey results can be viewed upon submission of the survey. I will post monthly updates in the rankings in this thread starting with October 1st. Thank you for your participation!

Disclaimer: I run a 3PL based in the US.


UncleFishKiller 3
  1. 3PLs are great until they're not. LtL trucklines don't give a shit about my shipment if I'm not a direct client. I'm the first load to be pulled from an overbooked trailer and I'm the last claim to be paid if they don't find some technicality to refuse it.

  2. This seems like a thinly veiled ad, probably against the rules.

  3. Don't ask for my business, see item 1.
  1. I’m sorry that that has happened to you!
  2. I am not advertising my business - there is no mention of my company name or our services, and I made a disclaimer that I run a 3PL.
  3. I am not asking for anyone’s business. The only reason I would contact them is if they voluntarily filled their email address which clearly states they would like to receive 3PL pricing information.

    If you would still like to fill out to survey for the sake of others knowing what to look for in a 3PL it would be greatly appreciated! If not, that’s okay too.