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by BoiForBeans. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    5    7

I think it would be a good idea, since this is a skill which is really sought after in 2020 for skilled web and app developers to connect with entrepreneurs who want to build an idea but lack the abilities to do so. For these developers, reach out in the comment section so creators can reply and pitch their ideas!


ben_aj_84 1

There are already quite a few websites where you can find a cofounder (technical or non-tech). or cofounderslab

first_byte 2

I see a huge disconnect between good ideas and programmers, but I'm a business analyst, so it's only natural!

I have suggested before that people with an idea could be matched up with novice developers to build a Proof of Concept. No money. Both get something valuable. "Donations welcome". That sort of thing.

Every time I ask about it, though, I get accused of trying to take advantage of programmers. But let's be honest, managing a software project is no walk in the park and adding novice developers only adds to the load. This would hardly be cost-free!

  BoiForBeans 2

I think it’s definitely worth a try, and developers could be payed later on depending on the worth of the project. Definitely starting developers would be interested in this idea!

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With this in mind, I revived /r/softwareideas this morning and I invite my fellow Redditors to check it out.

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Hey! I am a web developer and I agree this is a great post, I wonder if there is something like there out there but what if there was a platform or app to connect web developers and entrepreneurs. I’m thinking tinder but for this relationship.

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There actually are sites like fiverr, which is mainly for web designing, but they aren’t very popular. If u’re up for it it would definitely would be an interesting project to start ;)
With this post I mainly intended to open a small circle in which we can network.

dad_bod_returns 3

For sure! I appreciate posting this. And I can say from a developers perspective it’s sounds exciting to jump into a project after connecting with a person with an idea but much like tinder that excitement where’s off quickly if there is no substance behind it. Proving ideas and getting market validation on an idea is such a necessary step in order to scope out the development of it. Obviously we can help build out mvps or prototypes to help prove those ideas. So I’d love to connect with people that have ideas or want to partner on going out and validating an idea