Recommendation for health/retirement plans for 10 person business

by cubic-dissection. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    3    1

We use PayChex for payroll and I was about to go with them for a 401(k) setup until I read the fees. Now I'm shopping around and finding they were very expensive, and I don't trust them to give me a good deal on healthcare coverage.

We need to add retirement and healthcare, I was wondering if any of you all have recommendations on who to go with for a 10 person business that will likely grow to 15-20 in the next few years. I don't need to be on the healthcare plan myself as I am covered through the VA for service-related disability (if that matters).

I'm aware of PEO's but also feel they may upcharge for the convenience of an all-in-one solution. I don't mind dealing with separate entities if I can get a better deal for my workers. Most of our HR administrative needs are taken care of by Paychex's built-in tools.

Business is located in NC. Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendations!


Itstimetogettowork 1

Hey! This is Jade with Nextep PEO, we are geared toward more small to medium size businesses and would like to at least set up a conversation with you to see if our model would make sense for you. I will send you a message now!