Reducing Quality/Increasing Price (?)

by dilviand. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    0    6

Hello Reddit!

Im currently doing Home-made cookies business and sell it with a local platform(Online) and also offline while studying. Unfortunately Covid causing me to stop from college so i only focus on my business right now. And now my business also threatened.

Because of course im not the online who've got hit financially by covid and it's causing low amount of order. And not only that, price of ingredients has also risen.

Im really considering Reduce Quality / Increase Price , but both will damaging my business really hard especially Reduce Quality, it's taking a long time to build my rating on platform from 4,0/5 To 4,8/5.

I really need someone that've been in same situation or even harder and whoever have advice would highly appreciated.


P.s: Sorry for poor English.


Stabbycrabs83 2

Lower your costs, increase your sales, increase your price, lower your quality in that order for me.

If you buy more materials at once can you lower the unit costs of your cookies?

  dilviand 1

Yeah i'll save a lot. But it's impossible to do unless i buy in bulk one by one.

Thanks sir!

Zazenp 5

> Im really considering Reduce Quality / Increase Price , but both will damaging my business.

This is false. Lowering quality will damage your business. Increasing the price is frequently a good solution. Market it well and you may even see your business go up. Don’t be the cheapest option available. Increase prices.

  dilviand 1

But it will lowering amount of order too right

Zazenp 3

Not always. And you’ve increased the price so lowering the order for the same revenue is a good thing.

  dilviand 2

Okay thanks!