References and advice needed for administrative business skills?

by prollygotothebeach. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    1    3

Things like market analysis, financial training on a high level (as in: how to read P&L, break down OpEx), or talk about competitive advantage, what tools to focus on, how & why to master Excel or other things you will be using as a biz owner or analyst, etc


BigSlowTarget 1

This was caught in the spam filter and I have some trouble figuring out what you are asking but I'm going to approve it under the assumption you are saying something like: "What have you found to be the most important administrative business skills and how did you develop them?"

  prollygotothebeach 1

I’m looking for skills that I should focus on that would benefit me from an analytic standpoint with regards to streamlining processes, identifying bloat, budgeting, capitalizing

Edit: and by skills I mean what tools and concepts should I understand in order to help with this

Actualise101 1

Crikey, it all depends. How big is your business? Scale matters.