Resources to learn how to manage a new business

by Himalayan_Hillbilly. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    5

Hey guys, I (27yo) am looking at starting a small eCommerce business to supply other brick and mortal businesses with merchandise. I'd like some resources to learn things like how to manage my books, taxes, business bank accounts, paying vendors, and paying other businesses. I am trying to start this thing as efficient and low cost as possible while still being done correctly. Can you guys recommend me any good books or other resources? Thank you!


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Managing your books and taxes on your own with books will not be efficient if you don’t know what you’re doing. Better outsource and learn with the pros as you go. Somethings have deadlines and can be time consuming if your trying to do it yourself. For management any text book will do. Most of it will come with time

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any first year textbook on the topic you can find. I find a non-profit providing mentors. Also hire consultants. hire freelancers. pick the brain of experienced hires, and random people you meet.

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