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by moham225. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    0    14

Hi everyone,

I've worked in the tech and startup industry for a few years and would love to give back. I'm a web designer/developer by trade and I've built over 100+ websites. Let me know your website or idea and ill give you advice


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Thanks for the feedback much appreciated!

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Hi Tyson!,

Love the website!. I like the design and idea but here are a few improvements you can make:


Love the design but i feel its a bit too templately and generic you need to let you brand shine through

The homepage opening text is too large reduce it by thirty percent. Also focus the opening copy to what your target audience is i.e. digital marketers.

There is way way too much background and space between the section so reduce the space

I get it your going for a cool effect BUT reduce the animation and all the movements its distracting and while SOME people may think its cool a majority will turn off.

Also reduce the colors there distracting remember people when they go to your website there only looking for a few bits of information

UX and information hierarchy

Make it more like a traditional website PLEASE with all the elements jumping its very confusing and even irritating to use. Heck redesign the elements a bit to make it more like a normal website.

Have a think about the navigation menu, like WHAT are specialists just make it more clear to users, same with the hub and resources (resources for WHAT?)

The text and elements are very confusing to read since each section on each page has its own design just simplyfy the hell out of it! Its so confusing

Unify the colors please when it comes to text and the font sizes too

Have the reviews and a few specialists in the homepage so people can get info and see your legit.

Overall thoughts:

Good website and a good effort but you really need to work hard and think hard about what it is you want your users to see. You genuinely need to simplyfy the way your design works by having just two or three design elements and improve the fonts.

datawazo 2
  moham225 1

Hi Data wazo,

Initial thoughts I like it you have a nice website, very straight to the point, easy to use, branding and design are spot on too!

What you need to improve is:


Your homepage is hard to understand, Unless you all ready know the target audience or it is prebuilt for a specific group. Keep the moving data animaton on top and make it a hero banner with a headline and a short description.

I feel that the text is a bit hard to read maybe its too light but I think you can do better in terms of colors and font maybe make the paragraph text black and a bit more heavier?

I love the four boxes section its cool but get rid of the hover efffect or make it more integrated. Have a CTA box on each of those boxes in the end

Have more reviews and move the reviews up. Also add a black background on the review background its again really hard to read.

Other pages

Have the header in the banner aligned with the rest of the text


Again paragraph text needs to be improved it really hard to read and make all text aligned

Otherwise page looks good!


Move one case study to the homepage to show your legit!

In our past work have one more review in the top

good idea with the portfolio but have a brief name below the image and a mini description.

In contact page move the twitter feed to the homepage and add an address, with social icons

Overall thoughts:

Very good website but you need a few tweaks, Here are a couple of websites you can use as inspiration

datawazo 2

Good feedback. I'll take a scroll through over the week. I know the copy needs to generally be more inclusive. Even in speech I don't convey what I do with the simplicity I should.

  moham225 1

Awesome good luck! and let me know if you need anything else

calemedia 2

Sharfly 💁‍♂️

  moham225 1

Hi Man,

Long time no see :). Thanks for taking my feedback from a long time ago. I can really see that your website has improved a lot, its a lot simpler to use, feels less strangling and more focused.

Overall thoughts:

Here are a few tips on what you can do to further improve it from my point of view:

In the top nav get rid of the drop arrow icon next to the profile name and just have the profile clickable it saves users clicks

On the right sidebar get rid of the "storage space available" or put it at the bottiom

Have trending topics on top of the sidebar and featured below it

Get rid of site news in the main feed no point having it there or have it as a popup when you have new news or features

Have a user feedback page as a fixed chat option or a page in the nav

Its super cool that you have a switch between friends feed and global feed imagine if facebook had that! BUT you need to label it better because i had to switch to see what that is.

Have a fliter for more explicit content in the global feed or add a warning in for so anyone under 18 wont be able to see it. THIS IS really important you can get LEGALLY SUED.

UX and features

I think you need to think a lot hardder about the features and what works and what doesn't. So you need to follow the data approach, use user feedback, A/B testing, google analytics and hotjar to really understand what users want

I feel that the sidebar and navigation needs to be re organized a lot more i feel its too disorganized still.

Maybe the left sidebar can be all about the user divide it into three sections:

User control area

User friends online/number of friends

User pages that they have or created

Right sidebar:

Groups they are in

Latest trends

A very small and humble (donate button)

When I scroll down the page I see home with a nav popup get rid of that or make it better it looks really out of place

In the blue nav move the "advertise" to the right aside and make it small as well. Make the blue nav all about the user and what they can do.

other thoughts:

Get rid of sharpfly/index.php just have it as sharpfly/home (again index.php) makes it look cheaper

In the fav icon have the S in the sharpfly color logo (dark blue) to make it look more professional

Otherwise great job and keep up the amazing work. Use this tool to track users activity on the screen

calemedia 2

Thanks for once again giving a detailed and helpful response I saved everything you said and will start working on it some more :)

  moham225 1

Happy to help as all ways :)