SaaS for the education industry... some advice?

by ogastonc. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    3

Hi everyone,

First off, let me give you a bit of context, I'm a software developer from Latin America and Recently I've been working in my first SaaS product for the formal education industry (school, colleges, universities, etc) focused on my local market (LATAM countries).

So, I'd love to read some of your experiences on running this kind of startup and what strategies you have tried to make sales and marketing.



supernova_startups 3

It all depends whether your direct customer (the one who pays you) is an institution, or students. For institutions to approve and integrate any app with take at least a year, so have this in mind.

You have to, and I really mean it - you have to start with an MVP and test it with your customer. But before you even do this, speak to them directly. Yes, go to schools and talk to teachers, students and parents if necessary.

We almost engaged ourselves with the development of our project and gladly me and my wife (we are co-founders) did a customer survey, talked to kids and their parents, talked to teachers and then older students - and we realised what we thought we knew, we were very wrong. So, we had to pivot into something very different.

Don't even think about marketing yet - you still don't know your real customer. Think about it little bit later, but not now. Focus on understanding your customer.

  ogastonc 2

Totally agree with you, my MVP will be ready very soon, so I think it's time to approach my potential customers (school principals) in order to understand whether the problem my product solves is exactly what they actually need/want.

Thanks for your advice!

damonous 3

Find some of your prospective clients and start talking to them about your app before you get too much further into your development. Their feedback can be invaluable and save you tons of time from building something nobody wants.